Monday, January 16, 2012

Logan Canyon

Logan Canyon at Franklin Basin Road Bridge, Utah, 2011

I am finding new reports about Logan Canyon recently. One that I heard first-hand in November from the man who had the experience. He was participating in a town-hall for Animal Planet's show called 'Finding Bigfoot'. It was pretty interesting as I had not heard it before. I will include his report that he provided to the BFRO as well as the notes I took during the meeting.

Report # 29013  (Class A) 
Submitted by witness on Thursday, March 24, 2011.

Driver sees a Bigfoot cross the road while snowplowing Logan Canyon

YEAR: 2005
SEASON: Winter
MONTH: January
COUNTY: Cache County

LOCATION DETAILS: Going east out of Logan follow US 89 past Tony Grove turn off about 3 miles far east you'll see a sign for Franklin Basin. As you cross the bridge on 89 there is a turn off going north. It was in this area where the bigfoot crossed the road coming from the south . This is also the road that will take you to Cub river area in Idaho

NEAREST TOWN: logan, Utah 26 miles away


OBSERVED: It was early in the morning 12:30 to 1:00 A.m
It was Jan of 2005, I was plowing snow on US 89 Through Logan Canyon, I was in my truck plowing snow
I was near the Franklin Basin Road and saw something in the road. I flipped on the plow lights
(now these lights are landing lights) they are very bright and I saw something walk across the road. It was large, Tall, and hairy it stood about 7 ft tall. It looked right at me.and continued to walk across the road. I didn't stop cuz of the snowy conditions. When I stopped back in the morning all tracks were covered in new snow. What sealed the sighting for me was that morning on the radio I heard of someone reporting a sighting up cub river in Idaho. The Franklin Basin Road connects Logan canyon To Cub river in Idaho.
My family thinks I'm nuts but I know what I saw
It was not man. I hope this helps.
Personal notes taken from the Animal Planet 'Finding Bigfoot' town hall meeting where this story was first related:

Snow plow operator in Logan Canyon, Franklin Basin area, came across curve, creature walked in front of plow across road, saw it in his 'landing lights'. Looked at its face eye-to-eye while he was sitting in the cab of his plow. Also mentioned a report from the Cub River Canyon, seen at about 25-30 yards.


This morning I went up Logan Canyon to this location to photograph. I did a few calls, got no returns and exposed two 4x10 negatives. When I got home I mapped out on Google Earth the distance from the beginning of the Franklin Basin Road to the top of the Cub River Canyon Road. That distance is 16.25 miles. I am not sure where on the Cub River Canyon Road the sighting was earlier in the morning, but at the very least it is a distance of 16.25 miles. A Bigfoot could easily cover that distance in that period of time. If we say that in January something would be 'visible' in the morning light by about 7am, then that gives said Bigfoot at least 18 hours to travel 16 miles. Even in deep snow down that road it would be completely possible. I contacted Todd Strong about my experience there this morning and he gave me the indication that he believes a Bigfoot can travel three-times as fast as a human can. I would not doubt that figure.

I am realizing that I have quite a back-log of undeveloped film from the past year. I will be taking my JOBO film processor to BYU this week and start processing my film in the mornings in an attempt to catch up and make some scans/prints.

I should start having new images within a month or so for the blog.

Thanks to those who continue to show interest! Pass the link along if you are so inclined!