Sunday, May 26, 2013

Duck Pond and Chicken Coop, Liberty

Duck Pond and Chicken Coop, Liberty, Utah, 2012

The night of this past August’s full moon when Sam, a 15-year-old Liberty youth, noticed a large, nearby shadow as he was en route to feed the chickens. “Usually my dog comes with me, but this night she just stopped at the edge of the garage and wouldn’t come any further.

Right before I got to the coop I saw a big shadow. It merged with the small fir trees in the neighbor’s yard, and then the big shadow walked across the open and went behind a mound of dirt. I’m six-foot tall. It was about eight feet, with big, broad-shoulders, and man-like. I thought it was my neighbor or maybe some doorbell ditchers.”

 Then the neighbor’s motion lights came on and Sam saw a figure “head-to-toe in black. I couldn’t see any skin or any clothing.” A crash sounded behind him and Sam witnessed a similar creature moving towards the larger one. “It wasn’t sprinting, but it was moving fast,” Sam recounts. When the two figures met, the shorter one headed up the riparian gully that winds east to the mountains.

“The creepy thing,” Sam says, “was that they didn’t say anything to each other before the one just took off. Then the big one just stood there staring me down. I was a little scared. I definitely picked up on a message from him, like he was saying, ‘Don’t follow us.’” Two days later Sam and his mother discovered garden tomato plants stripped of their fruit, and a large reclining imprint in the short ornamental grass on the hill beside their pond.

Source: Utah Stories Magazine,  October 17, 2012 by

Monday, May 20, 2013

29th Street Trailhead, Ogden

29th Street Trailhead, Ogden, Utah, 2013

It was late September in 2011. I was hiking in the mountains above Ogden, Utah. It was just before dusk with the sun setting but still lighting up the mountains. On my way back down the trail after many had already descended, I stopped to rest and looked up into the canyon I stood in front of and thought I saw something large and black standing in the scrub oak above the trails. I stood and waived at it to try and get its attention.

A few seconds after I waived, I saw movement to the left. I saw something tall and black jump out from behind some rocks, jump onto a large rock, jump behind another rock, and peek out the left side of the rock down at me. The rocks were cream colored without any scrub oak nearby so the black stood out very well. This all happened very fast. I saw what I thought were tan-colored shoes, which I later determined to be the feet. The color of its face was the color I can only call as a beige/gray. It had short, black hair all around the face.

I stood there speechless and numb. I couldn't move for a few seconds. I kept asking myself, “Did I see a Bigfoot?”, “Who is hiking up here in this heat with sweat pants and a jacket with the hood over his head?” “Nobody can jump that far!” It dawned on me that I might have seen a Bigfoot. Nervously, I started waiving goodbye. I could not make out whether it waived back at me, though. Realizing the light was fading fast I turned and made my way down the hill before the remaining light was gone.

Analyzing the facts in my head, I used the nearby scrub oak as a guide, which grows higher in places than my short 5 foot 3 inches, meant to me the figure I saw was bigger than a person. The stride of the Bigfoot as it jumped was well beyond that of a person as well. The build of this Bigfoot, which differed from other descriptions, reminded me of the video of the three Bigfoots caught on camera while the Utah kids that were sledding down a hill.

Source: Maida Mair

Monday, May 13, 2013

I-80 Between Park City and Wanship

I-80 Between Park City and Wanship, Utah, 2013

Anyways, like all good Bigfoot sightings, there was alcohol involved. 

Me and 2 of my buddies had been down in Salt Lake at a party and we were on our way back home. Jerry was completely passed out and missed the whole thing. Jeff was about half asleep, kinda drifting in and out. I was in pretty good shape, overall. 

There is a section of I-80, between Park City and Wanship, that is a windy canyon and when we came around one corner, my lights lit up something big standing on two feet next to the road. My lights were on it just for a second and then we were past it. 

I was nearly overcome with a wave of fear, and Jeff sat bolt upright in the seat and yelled "What the hell was that?" I told him that I didn't know, but that I sure as hell wasn't gonna go back and see. What we saw was big, dark brown and like I said, standing upright. 

Now, I've seen pretty much every critter that's supposed to be around here, and none of these would fit the description. Maybe a grizzly bear standing up, but there's no grizzlies around here. Way to big to have been a black bear. We thought maybe a moose that for some reason was standing on it's two hind legs, but for the life of us, we couldn't think of a reason a moose would do that. 

We were left with only one conclusion: Bigfoot. Jeff is one of my oldest friends-he stood up with me at my wedding-and to this day he won't speak of it except for when he is really drunk. Then he just says "Yeah-what Pritch said".

Source: The Blindman's Blues Forum