Saturday, February 9, 2013

House on River Road, Eden

House on River Road, Eden, Utah, 2012

This scary encounter took place during the summer of 2001 on River Road in Eden, Utah and in the most active area in the entire Ogden, Valley.

The house that they live in has a big wooden deck and very large glass front that surrounds the door.

One night while the parents were away the daughter had the kids. As the night went on the kids went to bed and the babysitter was reading when she could hear footsteps on the wooden deck and a shadow pass by the window.

The moon was full so she could see that there was someone out there. Sometime during the night the girl was looking out the window and she saw a shoulder appear and an arm reach out to test the doorknob, turning it back and forth. The girl said she was very frightened even though all she could see were the arm and the shoulder. She said it was way too big to be a human. After a short while it walked away and left the house.

Source: witness interviewed by Dave Carver

Friday, February 8, 2013

Old Liberty Church Corner

Old Liberty Church Corner, Liberty, Utah, 2012

In October 2011, about the 22nd, I was driving from my parent's home in Eden, Utah to my home in North Ogden. It was late at night, about 10:30 pm and there was snow on the ground and it was cold.

I'm not a Bigfooter and have normal curiosity like most people. I was heading north on the main road and came to a stop at the stop sign on the corner where the Liberty church used to be as it had burned down years before.

I looked to my right then to my left which was the direction I was going to turn. When I was taken by a figure walking toward me on my left side down the road I was turning on. It then turned between me and the stop sign for cars coming on my left. It continued past my car and as it did it turned its head to look at me. I could see its eyes shining as it passed, then it walked behind my car and off into the park or pasture.

It wasn't taller than 6 1/2 ft but it was extremely broad in the chest and shoulders. Just massive. I could see its hair in the side reflection of my headlights. I noticed it was not dense fur, but hair, kind of shaggy and of different lengths. It seemed to be just one color but that would be difficult to say in the light.

I judged the distance it was from me to be twelve feet. There was no mistake that this was not a man in a suit. It was not afraid of me in the least. It just looked and kept walking. I didn't turn around because I was so stunned. I wasn't so much afraid as I was very anxious. I just turned and drove over the pass not believing what had just happened, but I knew what I saw.

When I got home I didn't say a thing about my encounter to my husband, then after about four hours I blurted out to my husband, "I saw a Bigfoot at the old Liberty church on my way home!" The experience was so incredible I haven't told anybody about it.

There is no mistake what I saw at twelve feet.

Source: witness interviewed by Dave Carver

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Culvert and Stream, Undisclosed Location

Culvert and Stream, Undisclosed Location, Utah, 2012

In November of 2012 in a mudflat near a reservoir, there were discovered nearly 50 tracks that the individuals felt strongly were attributed to Bigfoot. The group decided to investigate in another area they felt that would show promising results and they found this culvert. it measures approximately 50 feet wide and 5 feet tall and travels under a main road allows a stream feeding the reservoir to pass through.

In the culvert were discovered at least seven impressions of hand prints showing non-human hand structure and were located very low to the water line. The prints were of several varieties, some were clear imprints, some were drag marks along the plastic culvert, some were partial prints. None of them were of the size and anatomy of a normal humans hand print.

The following week I returned with a few friends to explore a different area that we felt would be promising. After walking across the lake bed for a couple of miles we discovered a few tracks that led off into another area where we found dozens, then hundreds, then literally over a thousand prints. We identified at least three different sizes of tracks ranging from 11, 8 and 6 inches long. All exhibiting clear evidence of individual toes and in all kinds of various configurations showing natural foot movement. At no point did we see any evidence of any other type of boot or shoe prints. All of the prints were of bare feet with five toes.

I had brought along a carpenters T-square in the hopes of being able to measure anything we might have found. Little did I know that we would run out of energy to catalog and measure all of the different types of prints.

We saw clear evidence of them chasing deer tracks, doubling back, running in a circle, approaching deep mud and making the decision to change direction. At no point did we see a stumble, a trip,  a skip or even a fall where the individual would have needed to use their hands to get out of the mud.

At one point we found several sets of tracks that paralleled each other for about 100 yards or so, one of the tracks measuring 11 inches and the other tracks were 8 inches. They changed direction and kept in exact measure from each other the entire time. It appeared as if they may have been holding hands as they walked across the mud.

There were also several areas that showed long straight deep drag marks where the single groove was about1-2 inches wide and about 3 inches deep. These grooves ran for 30-40 yards and were paralleled by sets of footprint tracks. I could not decide what these groove marks may have been caused by.

I had my tall rubber boots on and decided to follow a stream that fed into the reservoir when I saw that one set of tracks started up the stream. For the next 1/2 mile I followed tracks in the stream bed, in the mud of the stream and next to the stream bed. I could see where the creature would walk in the water, exit and walk on the land/mud, re-enter the stream bed and continue on up stream until the mud turned into deep grasses and no tracks were able to be seen.

The stream that I tracked along eventually turned out to be the stream that passed through the culvert where the handprints were found the week earlier.

Up until that day I had not seen any tracks or any physical evidence of a Bigfoot creature. After following tracks for miles and miles I can no longer ignore the reality of these animals.

There is a sighting of an animal walking across these same mudflats by a woman driving in her vehicle. I do not have a full account of that story, but will relate it as well as a photograph from her sighting vantage point at a future date.

There are continuing reports of animals in the area currently as of this writing (2/5/2013). I will not disclose the area in an attempt to keep hoaxers and others who would bother these animals out of the area.