Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Perry Camp

Ogden Canyon, Perry Camp, Utah, 2011

I was driving home going up Ogden Canyon really late at night, around 2am in the morning. This was in about March or April of 1999.

It was raining very hard and was hard to see the road. I was not driving very fast. When about 30 yards before the Perry's camp bridge I saw this huge guy walking toward me I'm the middle of the road. So I was driving up and 'he' or 'it' was walking down the canyon.

My first thought was,"Why would a guy be wearing a fur coat in the middle of a rainstorm?" I actually had to swerve to miss hitting it. It didn't move out of the way. As I passed by this thing I realized it wasn't a man in a coat as it was way too big and bulky to be a man. I know it was not a man or a moose or anything like that. I know exactly what it was.


Source: witness interviewed by Dave Carver

Monday, March 26, 2012

Monte Cristo Summit

Monte Cristo At Cache and Weber County Lines, Utah, 2011

This encounter happened in August of 1980 on the road over Monte Cristo coming back from Bear Lake at 1-2:00 am in the morning.
I was driving ahead of my husband who was pulling our boat from spending the day at Bear Lake, Utah. It was really late at night and the car headlights cast shadows from the aspen trees on the side of  the road. As I was driving I would get a little ahead of my husband and so I would pull over and wait then start going again.
As I was driving near the summit, out of the corner of my eye there was a shadow that didn't fit the rest of the shadows that I could see. I turned and looked and the dark figure backed into the forest and disappeared. I knew exactly what it was and as I think about it now it is as clear as if it happened yesterday.

The experience hasn't been dimmed by time at all. I can't say how big it was but it was much bigger than a man and much bulkier. We drove on home without incident. I know what I saw and I'll stand by it.

Source: Witness interviewed by Dave Carver

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Powder Mountain Road

Creature Seen by Spotlight, Powder Mountain Road, Utah, 2011

Doug Wilson - Powder Mountain Road - 1967

The experience I had we never did really decide what we saw. There were three of us in a pickup going up Powder Mountain Road one night. We were getting excited about the deer hunt. We had a spotlight up on the mountain and we were just looking for deer and seeing what we could see.

Part way up the mountain, about 125 yards up the hill from the road, what we could see, what caught our attention was some eyes glowing up on the hillside. We stopped the truck and had the spotlight up there.

It looked like a person sitting on the side of the hill with their arms over their knees just staring down at us. There was no light colored clothing or anything, it was all dark. We could just see those eyes looking at us.

We just kind of got out of there. We still never talk about that very much to this day. It's just a little experience that you see something that you don't know what to think about it. A little bit out of the ordinary.

Source: Dave's Bigfoot Show - 2010

Friday, March 23, 2012

Parley's Canyon

Mouth of Parley's Canyon, Utah, 2012

Creature seen on hill at mouth of Parley's Canyon, 1992

My ex-husband and I were driving eastbound on I-80 and getting ready to get onto the ramp to head south on I-215 heading south when he saw something up on the side of the hill. He watched it and pointed it out to me as we rounded the turn and we saw a spot where we could pull over to watch it some more. You can look back and see right off on one of those mountain sides that goes through Parley's. It was up on the side of the're a long ways away.

We pulled over and there were other people, about three cars had already stopped. We were all looking up there trying to figure out what it was. It looked like something big. Usually people don't walk up here, there's no houses or anything.

It was winter because we thought it looked like it had a snow-suit on. It was really cold, we didn't want to be outside looking at this thing. Back then there was a ton of snow. That's another thing why it was weird. Why would anyone be on that steep of a hill in the winter?

We watched it for probably 10 minutes, it was just walking back and forth and every once in a while it would sit down on this big rock. I was with my former husband and he had pointed out it was so odd looking like, “How was that person so big”. It was right then I wished that I had some binoculars.

It never went away and we left before it did. We were so far away, it could have been in a full sized snow suit, you couldn't really tell what color it was, but it would have had to have been a dark color, we could see it easily against the white of the snow. It was walking on such a steep hill. It wan't easy to do, but it didn't look like it was struggling.

I wasn't scared or anything, I but I really wished I had more clarity or a better camera to see it better. At that time that's what we thought it was and I was asking myself something like, “Is that bigfoot”? At that time we definitely knew about bigfoot. Even when we were sitting there watching it you had to wonder if it was bigfoot.

The thing that makes me think that I wasn't crazy is that there were other people around watching it too. I think that the person we were closest too was like “what was that” Everybody was just wondering.

I believe the stories of others that I hear. It's annoying to watch those shows with bigfoot in them, but my family loves them so we watch them all the time. A lot of people have bigfoot stories. What is it that everybody is seeing? I don't know what it is. I wish I knew.

Source: personal interview with witness

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ophir Canyon

Ophir, Utah, 2012

There is one story from Ophir, Utah that I can find.  The details are pretty sketchy and leave many holes in the story.  I have a contact with the Mayor of Ophir and will be following-up with him in the future.  For now, here is the report.

Large Man Like Creature
Reported: 09/16/2003 19:26:55
Date of sighting: 09/13/03
Location: Ophir City/canyon, Tooele County. Utah
Time of day incident occurred: Dusk
Area Description (vegetation and habitat): Mountains
Are there caves or abandoned shelters in the area?: YES
Nearest bodies of water: River down canyon
Describe interaction: Was asked by officials if we had seen anything roaming in the canyon. Reports had said they had seen Bigfoot.
Description of animal: Large Man like creature spotted roaming the Ophir city limits, and canyon area. Reported to local law officials.

Source: Utah UFO Hunters

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sundance Canyon

Sundance Canyon, Utah, 2012

As I have had it related to me by first hand account, one witness said he was going up Sundance Canyon with college friends on a wintery and snow driven night. Blizzard was the reality of weather. As I recall his account they had passed Robert Redford's famous ski resort and were considerably higher in altitude, I believe headed to Aspen Grove.

A bunch of college guys in a Volkswagen Bug. As they advanced slowly up the road they saw suddenly before them a giant, massive, what seemed to them to be a bear. However, bears don't walk on two legs. They stopped the car. . . .

(The rest of the story may be told at Night of Sasquatch). This would have happened in the late '60's or early 70's. I would have to ask the witness for another review of his account for accurate details, and to see if he still remains by his story.

Source: Utah County Sasquatch Investigative Society


I have tried to contact the source author regarding the rest of the details of this encounter but have had no luck.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Providence Canyon

Providence Canyon, Utah, 2011

This report was given to me by a childhood friend who had his own encounter. He was with his sister, father and brother on a fire-wood gathering trip nearly 30 years ago.

I do not remember that he told me this story when we were children. I would have wanted to believe him, but I probably would not have. By then my fascination with Bigfoot was cemented clearly in my mind, and I would have remember ed the conversation clearly. Upon hearing his description a few years ago, and getting the location, I photographed there last winter. I will return this fall now that I have a better idea of how I want to portray this location. On to the story...

"It has been an interesting feeling reliving this incident after 30 years. I have only talked about it once or twice since it happened because it seems that Bigfoot encounters are not something to be discussed in polite company or amongst people that you want to keep as friends.

I cannot remember the exact year that that my encounter occurred, but I believe it was in 1979, when I was 10 years old. It was early on a cold fall morning in October or November. My father, older brother, younger sister and I bundled up in warm clothes to head up Providence Canyon to cut firewood for the wood-burning stove we kept in our basement.

At the top of the road up Providence Canyon is a large rock quarry. We drove along the road and as we arrived at the edge of the quarry we turned off the road to the right and drove cross-country for a couple of minutes until we were deep in a stand of trees that we were permitted to cut for firewood.

My dad used his chainsaw the cut the trees down and into sections. Once the sections were cut, my brother, sister, and I would take the cut pieces and stack them into the back of the truck as we had been shown how to do. Me, being around 10 years old, and my sister, being around 8 years old, quickly grew bored with the tedious and difficult (at least to us at that time) work.

We asked our dad if we could go play. Rather than having us around under foot and in the way, he gave us permission to play. He warned us not to go out of earshot so that we wouldn’t get lost on the mountain. We said that we were going to play in the quarry, and our dad told us not to climb the giant piles of gravel, because it could cause a slide and trap us.

After promising not to do anything dangerous, my sister and I walked the one or two hundred yards to the quarry. As we walked, we listened to the birds in the trees and talked and played games. When we arrived at the edge of the quarry, things began to change.

The first thing we noticed was how absolutely dead quiet it had become. The birds were no longer singing and nothing was moving. As we walked out of the edge of the tree line to the edge of the quarry, there was a small embankment of gravel, dirt, and small rocks leading up to a flat open area of knee-high grass and dirt. The sloping embankment was approximately 15 feet high.

My sister and I approached the embankment to climb up. We both immediately noticed that there were two fresh relatively evenly-spaced marks in the gravel and dirt diagonally up the embankment, which would make the impressions roughly 5 feet apart. We walked the last few steps to the embankment and began trudging up the embankment. We were curious about what could have made the marks. We assumed it was some sort of animal, but didn’t know exactly what.

When we got up to the first mark, it was immediately clear to us that that mark was an enormous footprint and that the footprint was pointing uphill. That seemed very strange because it would have to have been someone very huge to make such big prints and take such large strides.

Our curiosity led us to climb the remainder of the way to the top of the embankment. Our curiosity ended immediately upon reaching the top. Three things struck me instantly. One thing was a very strong, sour smell. Another thing was that there was a very large patch of grass and weeds that had been smashed down to look very much like a bed or nest. The final thing that struck me was a feeling of “wrongness.” I don’t know of any other way to describe the feeling other than it just felt “wrong” and like I had to get out of there.

My sister was also visibly frightened. Although I did not see anything, my sister said that she saw something brown run into the trees across the clearing (She later described it as a very large chestnut brown thing running on two legs). I had heard of bigfoot before that, but did not think about bigfoot at that time until my sister said that she saw something run into the trees. That is when I began to think of bigfoot.

I shouted “run,” and we ran down the embankment and back to my father and brother as fast as possible. I was shouting, and my sister was crying. I ran up to dad and shouted , “Dad! Dad! We saw something I think was bigfoot!” I tried to explain exactly what happened, but he was not particularly interested in what I was ranting about and dismissed it outright. We spent the rest of the morning and afternoon sitting in the cab of the pickup truck, not wanting to go outside and just wanting to go home.

We tried talking to mom and a few other people about it later, but no one would seriously listen to us. Thus, we have kept the story between us for the past 30 years, but we know what we saw that day."


The location is the gravel pit up Providence Canyon in Cache Valley, Utah. An easy drive in the summer, a super huge pain in the winter when it's snowing. Ask me how I know...

Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Charles Canyon, Idaho

Saint Charles Canyon, Bear Lake, Idaho, 2011

There are at least two reports of sightings near St. Charles, Idaho or actually in St. Charles Canyon (which is due west of the city of St. Charles).

St. Charles Idaho is just under nine miles from the Utah border.  St. Charles Canyon connects with the Franklin Basin drainage where there have also been sighting reports.  They start to all make sense and connect with the physical characteristics of the landscape when you start to look at the points on a map.   

The first sighting is difficult to pinpoint even a rough location to go and photograph, so I will include both stories with the above image which was taken very near the campground mentioned in the second sighting which took place in St. Charles Canyon in 1967.

The third story is pretty amazing.  It is a second-hand account of what happened there in the summer of 2008, but I will include it to add to the body of accounts from St. Charles Canyon.


Until Justin 'Judd' Phelps, resident of St. Charles (Idaho), disclosed his 1972 sightings, the Bigfoot phenomenon had not been reported outside of the Pacific Northwest. Phelps, a lineman-engineer on the Union Pacific Railroad, claims to have seen the creature in the depths of a canyon near St. Charles on January 2, 1972.

His (Bigfoot's) tracks were similar to a bear's but slimmer and about a size 13 in length. They sunk about a foot into the snow. Each time the creature was sighted, it stamped its feet and shook its head like a child in anger. Measured against a nine-foot (2.7 meter) tree, it measured six feet (1.8 meters) tall.

In hopes of catching a glimpse of the creature again, on January 2, 1972, Phelps left his St. Charles home on a snow machine and arrived at the place of his previous sighting around noon. It was bitter cold, so he built a fire.

He had been there about two hours and the fire was getting hot, so he decided to put a little snow on the fire and then he got a feeling that he was being watched.

It was between 1:30 and 2 p.m. He looked up from where he had been resting, stretched on his snow machine, and saw just 100 yards away, an ape-like creature with grayish-brown hair returning his gaze.

It was standing by a young pine tree, and when it saw Phelps look his way, it waved its arms and stomped its feet and headed for the deeper woods.

The first time Phelps saw the creature it frightened him and he fired above its head.

This time, however, he spoke soothingly to it and attempted to take a picture. When he pulled the self-developing (Polaroid) film from the camera, there was no figure on the scene, possibly because he had an older-model camera and his hands had been shaking while attempting to capture the creature on film.

Upon investigating the spot where he had seen the creature, he found tracks which had sunk about a foot (30 centimeters) into the loose snow. The snow at the site was six to eight feet deep, about two feet being new snow. He did not follow the trail.

Phelps tried two days later to make contact with the creature again but was unsuccessful.

Source:  FLICKERING MEMORIES: FOLKLORE IN THE BEAR LAKE VALLEY, Volume 2, by Bonnie Thompson, Printers Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah, 1977, pages 59 and 60.

------ second sighting report-------

Report # 1795 (Class B)

Submitted by witness Alan Meyer on Friday, December 26, 1997. Two campers' night observation of large creature near campground

YEAR: 1968

SEASON: Summer

STATE: Idaho

COUNTY: Bear Lake County

LOCATION DETAILS: Saint Charles Canyon, Bear Lake County, Idaho (near Bear Lake)


OBSERVED: A dark humanoid form was observed standing in the woods, just outside the campground clearing. Four of us were camping in sleeping bags, no tents, in a clearing recently cut by the Forest Service to develop a campground. No one else was in the area. It was in the early morning hours, perhaps 3am. My best friend and I had been talking about the strange atmosphere of the place and our wives were asleep. I was just dozing off when I suddenly felt myself jarred awake by a powerful feeling of a nearby presence watching us. I sat bolt-upright and looked directly at a large, humanoid form standing at the edge of the woods, about a hundred feet way. He/it was totally black. I could see no features, but the form was perfectly clear. At this point, my friend sat and looked in the same direction. "Do you see what I see?" I asked him. "I sure do," he replied. We continued staring at it, and it at us, for several minutes. Then I somehow got the "message" that it wasn't going to bother us, if we didn't bother it. I told my friend we should just lie down and go to sleep. He agreed -- and this may be the strangest part -- we both fell instantly asleep. At the time, I'd never heard of Bigfoot. I don't know what this being was and still don't. It could have been a Bigfoot. There are a lot of limestone caverns in the area and it was still very wild then. We didn't smell anything or hear any unusual sounds.

ALSO NOTICED: Although the has multiple, fully-developed campgrounds and paved road, now, in 1967 it was very wild and little visited. Even in the daylight, there was something primitive and haunted about the place -- quite different in feeling from other camps in the area.

OTHER WITNESSES: My wife and I and a friend and his wife were in sleeping bags, no tents. The women were asleep, but my friend and I had been talking and were just dozing off, when I felt a strong sensation of being watched.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Early morning hours, perhaps 3am

ENVIRONMENT: At this time St. Charles Canyon was just beginning to be developed by the Forest Service. The campground had been "roughed-out" at the top of several miles of a narrow dirt road leading to the nearby Minnetonka Caverns. Pine and Aspen forest covered the steeply angled sides of the narrow canyon. No one else was in the campground, or the area, for miles. 


------------ third story -----------

A few summers ago (reported in 2010, so the year of the event is probably 2008 - ed. ) while my family and I were camping in St Charles Canyon on the Idaho side of Bear Lake, a little boy got lost for a while, while his family was visiting Minnetonka Cave.

We were coming out of the cave and we heard a group of adults talking and we offered to help look for the boy. Some of the group went off down towards the campgrounds and my group along with the father of the child hiked up and over the backside of the cave. There were a lot of game trails. The kids was missing no more than 10 to 15 minutes.

We would yell his name, and then listen for any sound, well after yelling his name again, we heard a *whistle*, loud and long, sort of like holding a note for at least a 10 count. So we headed in the direction of where it came from, and when we came around a batch of trees, there was the kid, sitting on a rock, smiling and acting like a kid.

His father grabbed him and comforted him and as we were walking back, the father asked him where he got a whistle from, and the kid was like, I didn't have a whistle, the big hairy man, whistled for me.

And that is all he said, and the dad blew it off as his kids imagination. But i knew better. I know for fact that we heard a whistle from a BF. How else could we explain hearing a whistle and then go in the direction of it and find the kid. I went back a few hours later and looked for signs, there were no prints, but it was eerily quiet in that area, no bird sounds or anything.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ogden Divide

East Side of Ogden Divide, Utah, 2011

The Ogden Divide is an area that continues to provide experiences that witnesses occasionally will come forward and share.  This is a story from the east side looking downhill into North Ogden.

The witness in this experience claimed she saw a white bigfoot that crossed the road and shoulder in five steps and went down a steep embankment like it wasn't even there. Five human steps will only put you to the shoulder of the road, and won't even get you anywhere near the slope. I am impressed at the size and speed of these creatures.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Twin Spring, Nevada

Twin Spring, Nevada, 2011

Occasionally a report will be so close to the Utah border that I am compelled to go and see the location.  This sighting happened south of Wendover, Nevada in 2006.

I have been out on the west side of Utah's Great Salt Lake recently photographing for my lake project and in December decided to head out and photograph this bigfoot sighting location.  Here is the witnesses account:


Wendover, Elko County, Nevada 2006

My name is Tracy, I live in a border town on the Nevada - Utah line called Wendover, maybe you have heard of the Bonneville Salt Flats?

I have lived here for over 14 years and enjoy going out into the hills and finding old homesteads, I have seen most of the critters that live in this area, but I watched something I have never seen before. I have asked people I know here if anyone ever reported a Bigfoot before, all I got was a bunch of joking, so I thought I would ask you. I was about 43 miles south of town off of highway alternate 93 and up in the tree line looking for arrowheads when I saw it. Well it was about 300 yards uphill from me, about five foot tall, brown and walked upright and it walked up a grade that took me a good 10 minutes to get up and this thing did it like it was nothing!

But I did not smell anything like I have read about and did not find one single footprint. So what I am asking have you heard of any sightings in this area? If so, I would like to know and I will always bring a camera from now on.

The terrain where I was at is at lower level of the mountain is mostly scrub oak and up higher an mix of scrub oak, pines lots of bushes and two small streams very hilly opening to a big valley. The locals call it Twin Spring. There are many arrowheads in area because the Indians lived there a very long time.

As for what I saw, it was about five feet, red/brown hair its arms were very long, I mean its hands were below its knees it took very long strides when it walked. The thing did not have much of a neck, it was like its head sat right on top of its shoulders and I did not get a good look at its face. Its arms swung wide back and forth and it looked like its hands were very big.

I am going back today 10/01/2006 and going to stay for two days, I am going to hike in the area and go up higher, hope this thing is not mean. I will take pictures of the area and send them to you. Thank you

Tracy Sebastian


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wheeler Canyon

Second House in Wheeler Canyon, Utah, 2011

I want to tell you about what happened a very long time ago, 1968.

I was living up Ogden canyon, in a house in Wheeler canyon, the second one to be exact. It was fall and there were a lot of leaves on the ground. Very late one evening I was sitting in the living room watching TV, my 2 year old son was in the back bedroom asleep. The chair I was sitting in was angled with it's back to the windows.

I got up to go into the kitchen to get a drink, when I turned around in the kitchen to walk back into the living room I was shocked to see a pair of glowing red eyes staring at me from the window behind my chair through the window. The porch light was also shining through that same window to the left (from my point of view) of the creatures head. All I could see of it was mainly a very dark mass outlined in the window and the eyes which were reflecting the light and seemed to glow red. I stood in the kitchen doorway frozen, I kept trying to tell myself I was seeing things and it wasn't really there. After all, I did enjoy monster movies, even though the show I was watching that night was a love story, I kept trying to convince myself it was just my imagination.

I finally turned and put my back against the wall inside the kitchen doorway and told myself that I'd clear my mind and when I turned around again it would not be there. I waited long enough to compose myself and then turned back into the doorway to go into the living room. It didn't work, my visitor was still there! I want you to know that at that time in my life I had never heard of a bigfoot. The only thing in my mind that could look like that was a werewolf and, of course, everyone knows they are only movie myth.

I turned around again and walked back to the bedroom where my son was sleeping. I was very shaken and the only thing I could think to do was call the police. I dialed the operator and asked for the police but when they came on the line to talk to me they said because I was up the canyon I needed to talk to the sheriff. I finally got to talk to the sheriff's dept. and I told them I had a prowler. I certainly couldn't say I had a beast of some kind looking in my window. It took them about 30 to 45 minutes to show up at the house. While I waited, I sat in the dark and just listened, expecting to hear the thing crashing through the door or window at any time.

I heard several of the windows along the east side of the house rattle "softly" and also the back door, as if someone was just testing to be sure they were secure. After that there was nothing but silence and I started to get some courage back before the sheriff showed up. By the time they got there I was back to the living room and waiting for them. They asked for a description, and I said I couldn't see the person because they were standing on the top step next to the porch light and all I could see was a dark outline of their head and shoulders in the window. One of the deputies was about my husbands height, 6'3' and he stood on the top step and the window framed only his head. They commented that my prowler must be fairly tall. There were no tracks to be found when I looked the next day, too many leaves. The porch doorway and steps at that time were built to go right along the house toward the driveway. Several years later when I went back to look at the house, someone had changed the door and stairs to go away from the house and out toward the lawn. It made me wonder if someone else had the same visitor.

My husband had laughed at me at the time I told him about what had happened. I took my son and moved out about a week after that. My husband later told me that about a month or so after that he had a strange encounter early one morning. He was up getting ready for work when he heard a racket out in the porch so he went out to chase our cats out and stop the noise. As he walked toward the front door he saw a dark hairy face looking in at him through the little diamond shaped window in the door. He stopped and thought "Bear", and he ran into the front bedroom to put on his pants and grab his gun. By the time he got back out, he was alone again. It wasn't until later when he was thinking about it that he realized that it couldn't have been a bear because it's face was up close to the window and a bears snout would not fit close to the window like that. About a year after that, my husband moved to Eugene OR with a friend to work and he sent me a book on bigfoot with a note that said, "I think you might like to read this, remember your visitor".. Remember, I'll never forget, I still get the shakes when I think about it and it's been a lot of years.

One other note I'd like to mention; When we first moved to Wheeler canyon, we did so with another couple and they had 3 horses which they kept in a corral down by the creek. More than once, when I was there alone in the evenings I would hear the horses screaming. I'm not talking just their normal horse neigh or such, I'm talking screaming. I told Bob about it and he said "Oh don't worry about it, either the mare is picking on one of the boys or they can sense a wild cat up in the cliffs". After my visitor, I think what the horses could sense or smell was not a wild cat.

I've told this story to a lot of friends and family, but never reported it to anyone involved in the study or tracking of bigfoot before. I hope that you find this of some interest, I picked your address to send it to because of your location and the fact that this took place close to where you are. I now live with my second husband in WA but most of our families are still in the Ogden area.

I don't know how long they keep police report records, especially such minor type reports but maybe they keep them forever. I have no wish for any harm to come to any bigfoot. Thinking back, I know that the one I had the privilege to see meant me no harm. However, at the time, it sure scared the heck out of me.