Saturday, November 9, 2013

Garden Grove Canyon

Garden Grove Canyon Triptych, Utah, 2013

I was hiking in the Wasatch mountains above the town of Pleasant Grove, Utah.

I had just entered Grove Creek Canyon when I saw a large red animal up on the rim of the canyon, about 100 feet above me. It looked about as tall as a large man.

There was little wind, but I did not notice any strange smell. I quickly realized that I was looking at a Bigfoot. I stood and observed the animal for about 5 seconds, then it walked away from the rim of the canyon, out of view. I looked for it throughout the rest of the hike but I did not see it again.

It appeared to be looking east, up the canyon and into the small valley between the foothills, where we were, and Mt. Timpanogos. After I had watched it, it turned it's back to me and walked out of view. I can only guess that it was looking for prey.

This occurred sometime between 3:00pm-4:00pm in May of 1996.

Source: BFRO