Friday, March 26, 2010

Weber River

Weber River, Near I-15, Ogden, Utah, 2010

Written Account:

May, 1980

An Ogden couple picking asparagus along the Weber River near 12th Street and I-15, reported an 8-foot-tall black figure with glowing red eyes about 40 yards away. They ran to their car and later returned to the area and found hundreds of tracks... Several footprints were also discovered in a residential area of North Ogden.

Source: Deseret News


Bridge Over The Little Bear, Wellsville, Utah, 2010

Written Account:

January, 2004

Creature was seen coming out of the Bear River, crossing Highway 89 and going back down into the river bottoms and Cottonwood trees. Creature was approximately five to six feet tall and shifted from running on all four legs like a gorilla to running on two legs like a human. The sighting was accompanied by loud screeching after it disappeared into the trees.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shivwits Indian Reservation

Creature Seen Near Shivwits Indian Reservation, Utah, 2010

Written Account:

February, 2002

My name is [omitted]. My ex-husband and I were going west on Highway 91 toward Mesquite, Nevada. The wind was blowing south to north. Tumbleweeds had been blowing across the road before. He came up from the south by the Santa Clara River. We saw him in our headlights. He was about in the middle of the road when we saw him. He was swinging his arms like a human and he kept glancing back to see how fast we were approaching.

He was 8 to 10 feet tall, had a hairy body and looked like the ones I have seen on TV. His hair was brown in color. His hair was blowing in the wind, and we did not feel any fear. The speed limit in this area is 45 MPH. Ray slowed down to about 25 MPH. We did not even talk to each other until we got past him. Then we each said "what did you just see"? We got to see him for a long time because the road was quite wide and it took quite a while before he went of the shoulder and down a small embankment.



Factory and Main, Garland, Utah, 2010

Two stories come from Garland, Utah. Unfortunately they are not very rich with detail. I have a self-challenge to look up the police chief that is mentioned. I have already spoken with some ranchers in the area and haven't learned much.

Written Accounts:

1981: The police chief of Garland, Box Elder County, said he saw a creature run in front of his car. Several other residents also reported sightings and tracks are found that lead in a northwest direction.

1988: Ranchers near Garland reported seeing two Bigfoot-like creatures near their lambing pens after dark. Soon after, many tracks were found in the Garland area in deep snow and were followed two miles.

Source: Deseret News, Thursday, April 01, 1993 via

UPDATE: 11/1/2011

An e-mail came in recently that sheds more light on the sightings in Tremonton and Garland. I will quote the e-mail here:

"(The Police Chief of Garland) had received a call from a farmer on the west edge of Garland on Canal Road one evening that something was scaring his cows. The officer responded and drove along the canal with his light shining from his patrol car shining it into the canal. About 1/4 mile down the road he saw something that he could not explain. I know he didn't talk about what he saw with too many people. My dad was friends with him and he shared the experience with my dad after he had retired. "All I know is it wasn't human; I saw what I saw."

I know this road and have driven down it a few times. I will go back and make another photograph of the area described in the e-mail.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I-15, Near Scipio

Trucker Nearly Hits Creature In Fog, I-15 Near Scipio, Utah, 2010

Written Account:

January 2008

I am writing this for my son David. He called me this morning about 1:30 AM. He was excited and upset and told me and his dad that he finally believes us about Bigfoot. He was on the I-15 going south when He came to some fog he told me he put his fog lights on so he could see better with out his main lights being on. He stated that he saw some eyes glowing so he turned on his head lights and he saw a Bigfoot running in front of his semi truck. He swerved to keep from hitting it. After he got the truck under control he pulled off to the side was he was spooked out.

He said I know for a fact that they exist now. He has always been skeptic about them. He said it was like looking into a gorillas face. They had eye to eye contact. Only it walked upright like a man but was hairy all over. His leg was the size of his body he told me. so he asked me to write this for him. He is a true believer now.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Christmas Meadows

Christmas Meadows, Uinta Mountains, Utah, 2010

Written Account:

June, 2001

During the night of June 12-13 while camping with my family and a friend's family I had a sighting of what I believe was a Bigfoot.

The weather had turned cold and it had started to snow so both families decided to sleep in my friend's Suburban. Sometime between 11pm and 2am I was awakened by the feeling that I was being watched. I looked to my right to find out if I could see anything but I was unable to so I tried to go back to sleep. However I could not shake the feeling that I was being watched and when I opened my eyes I looked out into the meadow in front of the suburban and saw a creature I believe to have been a Bigfoot because it was walking upright heading north through the meadow. I would guess its height to have been between 6.5 to 7 feet.

It was dark and a little overcast but the full-moon offered decent lighting. It had snowed earlier that day and into the evening

I saw this biped at a distance of 75 to 100 yards on a party cloudy night with enough moonlight to determine that I was seeing an upright animal. The sighting lasted only a few seconds and took perhaps four steps as it walked into the woods and out of sight.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

North Logan

Canal, North Logan, Utah, 2010
There are several different accounts of sightings along a canal in North Logan. I have read and re-read the different versions trying to reconcile them and see if they could possibly be the same account told different times and in different places. What makes matters more confusing is that there are reports of two separate sightings over thirty years apart. I will present them both and let the reader decide for themselves. The first account reads like a newspaper article, the second account reads in first-person. I did not write or record the second account.

Written Accounts:

January, 2003

A mother and her son have seen a tall, hairy Bigfoot walk along the canal behind their house have asked not to be identified for fear of public ridicule.

The mother first saw a juvenile Bigfoot when she was 15-years-old in 1968 in almost the same place that her 16-year- old son would later see another larger, hairy creature on January 2, 2003.

He came out of his uncle's home to feed cattle at a cowshed. He heard a strange noise and when he turned around, there it stood: a four-foot-tall monster, covered with plush, dark black hair all over, it looked menacingly at the youth.

"There is no mistake about what I saw. The monster had the face of a man with monkey-like features. It was four feet tall, but extremely sturdy."


Okay here goes folks, Sighting occurred at 11:30 pm, on the night of Jan.2, 2003 in north east Logan in a rural area with homes, streets, & other structures, on a canal bank that runs thru that area.

I will not mention names at this point as I did not request permission to do so. The witnesses are two youths age 16 & 17. By reenacting the short lived event on location,

Sighting occurred at 11:30 pm, on the night of Jan. 2, 2003 in north east Logan in a rural area with homes, streets and other structures on a canal bank that runs through that area.

The estimated distance from porch to canal bank where the 7ft. to 8ft. unknown was walking in a northern direction, was approx 20 to 25 yards, observation time with no obstructions approx 5 seconds at best. Large swinging arms were noted, no neck appearance, very massive body, no scent detected, however it was heard breathing, was laboring hard breathing, with a growl-snort with each breath.

Fear overcame witnesses and they shot inside house. Tracks were found some 80 to 100 yards away in an orchard, leading to a carrot patch. I witnessed the 8 or so tracks, very distorted in mud, with 4 inches of snow on them. Because of time factor they were not fresh & revealing certain qualities to look for such as toe marks , dermal pattern ETC.

Ironically in the same virtual spot , the mother of one of the witnesses saw a Bigfoot on that canal 33 years ago with her sister.

North Ogden

Cold Springs Trout Farm, North Ogden, Utah, 2010

I had been dying to visit the Cold Springs Trout Farm for about a year. I had heard there were a lot of different reports from this area, so I had to visit and find out what's happened there.

I met the former owner, a spry 71 year-old, and we struck up a conversation. He quickly opened up and offered all kinds of anecdotes, one of which I will share here.

Around 1980 there were many experiences in North Ogden. This man who owned the fish farm told a story about how he came out to feed the fish one morning and saw quite a sight.

All over the grass next to the pond he found dozens of dead trout, some had their heads bitten off, but most were just laying there intact - just dead. He walked around to find out who had been stealing his fish and found several large 14-inch long tracks in the soft grass and mud. He said you could see two footprints right next to each other as if the creature had stood next to the pond and looked in at the fish.

When I was visiting there and stood next to the pond, all of the fish immediately came up next to the shore and I was told that they do this because they are used to being fed. The temptation was apparently too great for Bigfoot because I was told, "you could see where he jumped down into the pond and walked around and had disturbed the moss on the bottom".

Apparently he started scooping up fish and just tossing them on the lawn. I thought that the idea was pretty far-fetched myself, but when I saw how dense the fish were in the pond - literally hundreds, maybe a thousand or more - it was easy to see how it would have been possible. Especially if you consider that a creature named 'Bigfoot' could probably also aptly be named 'Bighand'.

Fish & Game was called and they cast a 14-inch track that he likes to show off to this day.

This is only one of the several personal stories that he has which are part of a larger series of occurrences that have happened to nearly everyone who has lived in that neighborhood through the years.

I plan to return and interview him again, next time with a recorder, and try to get more details of the other stories from the area. I would also like to make several more images within this very small, literally 1-2 square mile area.

I had heard that Coldwater Canyon was a hot-spot for Utah Bigfoot activity, but little had I been prepared for the fascinating stories that were told to me this past week.

Emigration Canyon

Creature Seen Ten Feet From Truck, Emigration Canyon, Utah, 2010

Written Account:


I have a good friend named Rusti who told me about a sighting she and her bother and 2 of his friends witnessed one night in 1998 while driving up Emigration Canyon in the Watsatch Mountains.

Rusti is a very honest person and I have no reason to doubt her. This has spooked her ever since. They were all in Jessi's (her brother's friend) car planning on doing some night mud driving.

It was close to 10 pm when they had to stop by the side of the road for a minute to equip the truck before going in the mud.

Once stopped, Rusti's brother noticed Jessi had frozen stiff. When he looked to see what he was staring at -- about 10 feet from the truck ahead of them stood what they believe was a Bigfoot.

Rusti said it just stood there staring at them swaying from left to right. They still had to equip the truck but nobody was about to get out of the truck at that point.

It didn't look like it was going to leave and Jessi honked the horn at it thinking it would scare him off like it would a deer. It had the opposite effect.

The Bigfoot started to take a couple steps towards the truck. They all got so scared Jessi just slammed on the gas in reverse and bolted away from it as fast as he could.

As soon as he did they saw the creature turn and go up the side of a slope and from there into the woods. He moved so fast he was gone in a matter of seconds. Not one of my friends have ever gone back to that canyon.

It happened in the Salt Lake County. At least I think that's what county Emigration Canyon is in. Rusti, her brother, and her brother's friend were the ones who watched it run off. Jessi was looking backwards navigating the truck as they sped off.

North Beck Street

North Beck Street, Utah, 2010
Written Account:


Several drivers along Beck Street in North Salt Lake reported seeing a hairy creature run across the road in the early morning darkness.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Golf Course, Bountiful, Utah, 2010

Written Account:


These sightings that I had probably are the oldest of local reports known. Bigfoot was not known at that time. My two friends and I were hiking in the North Salt Lake mountains, the area is now a golf course. It was below us as we were descending a steep hill. We saw a black creature about 500 yards away. It was running very quickly, approximately 40 mph, and was jumping over 3 ft. sage brush like it was a weed. We saw it between four and eight seconds long. It hid in some small trees at base of hill. The length of the stride was about 4 feet and the tracks measured 14 inches long. It's tracks led into a stream. It scared us so badly that we almost wet our pants. We could smell a very bad stench even though it was running and was quite far away.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Circleville Canyon

Creature Seen In Headlights, Circleville Canyon, Utah, 2010

Written Account:

November, 1997

I was driving home from college for a weekend visit with my family. It was dark, around 7 or 8 pm. The weather was overcast and I was trying to get home before the storm hit. There was no moon and no stars. I hadn't seen any other cars on the road for quite a while.

I was about halfway through Circleville Canyon when just at the edge of my headlights I saw something big on the edge of the road. I started to slow down, didn't want to hit it should it run in front of me. As I got closer it stood up and I thought for a second that it was a person. Then it started running.

It ran very quickly across the road. I could tell that it was hairy, it looked very brown in the headlights. It was huge and hairy with long arms, but it didn't look in my direction. I never saw it's face. It ran across the road approx seventy feet in front of my car. My heart was pounding. It ran sort of bent over, but very quickly. But not human like, as it didn't bounce. It disappeared into the dark on the other side of the highway I was far to scared to stop and see if there were any tracks or anything.

Nuckwoodward Canyon

Screams Heard For Hours, Nuckwoodward Canyon, Near Clear-Creek, Utah, 2009

Written Account:

August, 1996

The encounter that I am going to explain occurred several years ago and still today is a mystery to me and my friend that witnessed it. Today I am 31 years old and have been an avid hunter my entire life. I have spent a lot of time in the mountains, the majority of which has been spent in the general area in which this strange encounter took place several years ago.

It was mid August of 1996 and I was on summer vacation from college and staying at my parents home in Helper, Utah until I had to go back to report back to school toward the end of August. My lifelong friend Justin and I both had archery elk permits and I had an archery deer tag as well. We loaded up Justin’s old ford truck and headed off to spend 3 nights in our favorite hunting area. The area that I am referring to is called Nuckwoodward Canyon Road which crosses between the Carbon and Emery county lines in the Manti LaSalle mountain range in Central Utah. We were going in the middle of the week (I believe on a Tuesday) so we had the entire area to ourselves. We chose one of our favorite camping spots which was at the base of Second Canyon. In looking at county boundary maps of Utah it appears that this location is in Emery County but is close to the Carbon/Emery border.

Our first 2 1/2 days of hunting went as expected. We saw and chased around several elk and deer and were having a great time in doing so. It was on our 3rd night that everything took a turn from normality. We returned to our camp well after dark after searching for my arrow that I shot at an elk that evening. We had hiked all day in the heat and were both exhausted when we pulled into camp. We fired up a small gas grill that we had brought and put the 2 large steaks that we had been saving for the last night on the grill to cook. We made a fire and sat down to relax and talk about the days events.

The fire got pretty big and the wood was popping and crackling loudly. We heard a sound off in the distance that sounded like some sort of a howl or yell. We mentioned it but blew it off as probably a cow or the herd of sheep that we had been seeing all weekend up the canyon from us. We said that it was just probably echoing down the canyon toward us and sounded strange. The small gas grill was not getting hot enough to cook the 2 large thick steaks that we had on it and we could tell it was going to be a long process. As we sat waiting, the strange yelling sound coming from up the canyon kept sounding approximately every 20 or 30 seconds and appeared to be getting louder and closer.

Trying to describe the sound using only words is difficult but the best way to describe it is a yell. It sounded like a person yelling “rhaaah” in a long drawn out deep scratchy voice. We started getting more curious about the sound as it continued to get closer to us. We still both estimated that whatever it was making the sound was still almost a mile up the canyon but it was so loud that it was quite distinct even at this range. We talked about the possibilities “could it be a bear or a mountain lion”? The sound we were hearing was nothing like that of a bear or a mountain lion but those were the only 2 things that we could think of that made any sense at the time. Whatever it was continued to scream and it was now obvious that it was steadily moving closer to us.

After probably about 30 minutes of consistently hearing the scream every 20 or 30 seconds we decided that it was worth checking out. So, we flipped the slow cooking steaks on the grill and jumped in Justin’s ford to go for a ride. It was probably 10:30 or 11:00 at night by now and pitch dark. We drove up the Nuckwoodward Canyon Road probably close to 1 mile which took us 10 or 15 minutes on the bumpy dirt road. We turned off the truck and rolled down the windows and listed. Within seconds we heard the yell but now it was coming from back down the canyon toward our camp and up on the west side of the mountain. We had over shot it but it sounded louder and closer now perhaps it was just because we had gotten away from the loud noise of the camp fire. We turned around and drove about 1/2 mile back toward camp and again turned the truck off and rolled down the windows to listen. Again within a matter of seconds the yell occurred and we both sat in amazement of the volume of it now that we were so close. From the sounds of it, the creature that was making the sound was directly up from where we now were and sounded like it was no more than a few hundred yards up the steep pine covered mountain. We sat and heard the yell a couple of more times from this spot and it brought chills to my body each time it sounded. We didn’t know what to say as we finally headed back to our camp.

When we pulled back into camp the fire had died down considerably but was still burning. It was only a matter of seconds after we got out of the truck that the yelling sound shook the silent night. It had definitely gotten much closer to our camp in the 30 or so minutes that we had been gone and with the fire quieted down considerably the volume was now indescribable.

Neither one of us wanted to show any sign of being scared as we were two young macho men that didn’t want to admit that we were afraid of anything. Therefore, we checked on our steaks and they were finally done enough that they were edible. We sat and ate our steaks as the yell continued to echo into the dark silent night. I don’t think we said a word as we both sat and ate our steaks and listed in shock and amazement to the ongoing terrifying sounds.

By now we had ruled out everything logical (a bear, a mountain lion or our initial thought of something echoing down the canyon) because the creature making the sound was now within a few hundred yards of our camp. As terrified as I was inside I was not going to crack and show it to Justin. It had now been close to an hour and a half since we first heard the yell and whatever was making it was now so close that when it yelled you could almost feel it.

We had finished our steaks and it was when we started actually hearing the creature walking and breaking sticks in the pine trees no more than 100 yards from our tent that Justin finally gave in. I remember his exact words as he said “it wouldn’t be too bad to be home in our beds right now”. No sooner than the words escaped his mouth did I agree and say “that is exactly what I was thinking”.

Packing up camp was not going to be easy since we had a coal/wood burning stove in the sheepherder tent as well as cots, sleeping pads and sleeping bags. We took everything down as quickly as possible with the ground shaking yell continuing to sound. Within 5 or 10 minutes we had somehow managed to get almost everything taken down and thrown into the back of the pickup truck. There were just 3 or 4 tent pegs and ropes that needed to be taken out but they were on the side of the tent that was closest to the trees where the sound was coming from. By this point the yell was so loud and we could hear sticks breaking as if whatever it was, was trying to scare us away.

We counted to three and each ran and pulled the last couple of tent poles and pegs and frantically folded the tent and threw it over the sloppily loaded truck. Once we got into the safety of the cab of the truck we felt a little braver. Although we were armed only with our bow and arrows which were packed away in their cases, the safety of the truck was somewhat comforting. We pulled the truck up and shined the head lights into the pine trees where the sound was coming from to see if we could see anything. We didn’t see anything and both just wanted to get the hell out of there so we did. We drove the 2 hours back to Helper and didn’t get there until close to 2:00 in the morning.

We told the story to our parents and friends who all believed that we were telling the truth but most people just said “it was probably a bear or a mountain lion”. Having heard the sound continuously for close to 2 hours, I am certain that it was not a bear or a mountain lion. After having told this story for over ten years and having all of that time to reflect on what happened that night, I still have no idea what it was on that mountain making that noise that night. The only thing that I know of that could make a sound even remotely close to what we heard is a human.

There is the possibility of it being someone trying to scare us but we were up on that mountain for three days and didn’t see another person other than a sheep herder the whole time. If it were a person they would have had to have been yelling at the top of their lungs (louder than I can imagine any human yelling) every 20 or 30 seconds for almost two hours while trekking close to a mile across a rugged mountainside in the pitch dark. Therefore, I feel confident ruling out the explanation that it was someone playing a joke on us.

I am an open minded person who believes that there are things in the world that are unexplainable and perhaps out of my realm of understanding. I don’t know if there is such thing as UFOs, Aliens or Bigfoot but what I do know is that whatever scared us off of that mountain that night is something beyond what I know of.

If I had it to do over again I would have gotten in the truck much earlier and shined the headlights toward where the sound was coming from. If I could go back and experience it over again I would also definitely driven back up there the next day and looked around in those trees during the daylight to see if we could find any tracks or sign of the creature that appeared to be stalking us that night.

I estimate that we heard the sound close to 200 times that night and it started off way off in the distance and ended up within 100 yards from our camp.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Cemetery Point, Huntsville, Utah, 2009

I shot this image on Memorial Day of 2009. The Cemetery was filled with people honoring their ancestors. Something interesting was seen here, which was what brought me here to photograph. I photographed this on 8x20 paper negative. Here is the report.

Written Account:

June 13, 2005

At 1:30a.m. an animal was spotted about 30 feet from us which was short and hairy with fur all over it's body. When we first saw it, it was walking upright however it appeared to be hunchbacked. When it noticed us it froze and stared at us before dropping to all fours and scampering off. We saw the animal for about 90 seconds before it disappeared. It's movements were very similar to a fleeing deer. We noticed that when it looked at us it made a sound like it was gagging. The creature we saw also smelled exactly like bleach.