Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ephraim Canyon

Ephraim Canyon, Utah, 2012
At the Manti temple timber operation, where they were cutting wood for the temple, men would come and stay for two or three days. 

After the camp had been set up for a while they would hear strange noises in the brush like a bear or something. They didn't know what it was but the dogs in camp would bark. Sometimes this thing would get close and they could see it in the edge of the fire light. 

They would build a bon fire to scare it away. They would find huge tracks that it left. One night some dogs went after it nipping at it. The beast got mad and started swinging at the dogs. The other dogs joined in and circled it. The thing killed the dogs one by one. Then they heard it out with the horses. The horses were making noises in fright, but they also were silenced one by one. At this point the men were so scared they built a big bon fire and shot their guns into the dark. 

Finally the beast left. 

In the morning they found that the back of every horse was broken and some of the dogs had been thrown 40 feet up into trees. They figure it was the bigfoot monster.

Source: Interview with Alan Stock by Kenneth Holm, Merrill-Cazier Library, Special Collections, Folklore Collection #84, Utah State University

Saturday, November 3, 2012

South Weber, Canal

 Canal, South Weber, Utah, 2011

This story happened in South Weber, 1977.

A young girl was getting ready for church and looked south out her back window and saw a large biped walking down the hill behind her house. She went to church and that’s when this story begins. After the whole congregation got out of church the area was in an uproar.

It was the next day that Mr. Sanders (about 24) and his friend decided they would try to find tracks and follow them. Mr. Sanders took me to the Weber Basin Canal where it goes under the road right where the young girl’s house still stands. The canal is fenced off now but wasn’t then so he pointed out to me what he found as we stood on the road looking directly west.

We picked up a set of very large tracks at the bottom of the hill as they were easy to spot and followed them to the canal not far where we are standing now (this was about 30 yards from the road.) We could clearly see prints that came up to the edge of the canal (which is about 24 or so feet wide and at that time was empty with about 4-6 inches of snow in the bottom.)

There was one single track in the middle of the canal and two tracks on the other side where the creature landed and walked west along the north side of the waterway. Can you imagine the strength of muscle to propel and 800 lb creature 12 feet across and then drop 6 feet into the canal and on that same foot jump clear across to the other side? Incredible and unbelievable.

It was not very far when we spotted another set of tracks smaller than the first and they walked together. The smaller ones must have been another creature like a youngster. The tracks later turned north and we lost them for a while but picked them up in some tall cottonwood trees north of where we lost the tracks as they crossed the road.

We had to circle around to find them again. They walked around in those trees a lot but eventually went north east and we lost them altogether as if they were heading up Weber Canyon.

Source: Dave Carver

Friday, November 2, 2012

Hamblin Valley

Hamblin Valley, Utah/Nevada Border, 2012

My name is Carol and I live in Modena, Utah...along the Nev/Utah border. I was hunting on horseback in the Hamblin Valley in February of 2004 here..and my horse all of a sudden became panicked. He reared up...with nostrils flared...and I looked in the direction of where he was looking.

I saw it...I believe it was female..about 8 or more feet tall....black..and it was doing something in an old rock burned out root cellar. It was bending over and saw me..and stood up. I was a hundred yards from it.

My horse was spazzing out and terrified....It was dusk and the creature just looked at us....in heading out.. I saw a big pile of poop...it looked human...but on a larger scale.

The area is called Deadhorse corner..named by local residents...and has old horse skeletons to mark the road. I' am still curious and going to return with my camera.

 There is no doubt that this is Bigfoot.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Butterfield Canyon

Butterfield Canyon, Utah, 2012

It was late summer and the antlers were hard now, if still velvet covered… The beginning of what the Indians called the Moon of the Crying Elk, though there was no evidence of them bugling yet. In fact, the bulls still seemed to be running in bachelor bands as we saw three different such bands on this day.

It was in the early 1990s and my son in law had graduated from BYU the previous spring and had taken a position with a firm in the Salt Lake Valley and was living in the Holliday, UT area. Cabin fever was hard upon us when we decided a voyage of exploration might be in order. Why we chose the west side of the valley that day, I have no idea. Perhaps those in charge (our wives) had placed a time limit on us for our excursion as our previous outing that had begun at Provo Canyon had lasted until the wee dark, single digit hours of the following morning… they were prone to do that in those times for some perverse reason. I can’t say that those restrictions ever really limited our outings to any degree although that lack of limiting discipline might have been the cause of the two of us fixing our own dinners from time to time. Today was to prove no exception.

We traveled west across the valley on one of the streets that was a direct route… 4100 S. I think, in looking at the map... we intersected the main road on the west side of the valley near a powder company (Hercules Powder, perhaps?). From there we journeyed south with the idea of finding a likely looking canyon that would allow us a hike into its bowels. Several times in this area, we saw elk in the distance, including two bachelor bands, one of which held two exceptional bulls, the larger of which would have probably been a 320 class bull or better. Since all of these appeared in direct correlation to an ample supply of “No Trespassing” signs, we assumed that Utah elk had the ability to, if not actually read, at least to recognize signs! On one occasion we spotted a band of six Mule Deer bucks feeding on some green feed very near an old farmstead. As this area was lacking those hated signs, we decided to put a stalk on them, eventually closing to within bow range of the bucks. There were two in this band that I would have happily brought home. Both were 4X4s with extremely high and wide racks though still fully in the velvet yet.

We traveled on south past the great mine at Bingham Canyon to a point just south of there. There is a road there that turns up Butterfield Canyon and we decided we had time to explore this area before curfew… well… at least not MUCH beyond curfew… How far up that canyon we were, I, at this late date, cannot recall. I guesstimate about five miles. In glassing to the south, slightly past a large pile of rock that I guessed to be tailings, we spotted another bachelor band of elk. We could not see how many or what quality these animals were, but, since there were no signs to tell us otherwise, we decided to check it out. I parked my old Bronco, Widowmaker, out of sight of the road and we headed up a small draw…

It was not far up this gulch that we came to a split and my son in law took the south arm while I took the north. About twenty minutes later as I lay glassing a clearing that lay before me and between me and my son, I saw a shape in the small trees that defined the far side of the clearing. I lay very quietly in my place and watched closely, fully expecting a muley doe to come out of that brush as the glimpse I had had been far too dark to be an elk. Very suddenly, the dark shape darted from the cover it had been in while hiding from me and entered an even thicker, darker copse beyond. It was a large being… running on its hind legs… at least seven feet tall and possibly as much as seven and a half feet. It was massively built and very dark. Its arms were long, as they had to be and it was very cautious of me. I had no problem understanding what it was, though I was mildly surprised to see it here. I wondered why it had revealed itself to me with that sudden dash when I heard brush cracking and Lynn emerged from the thick cover. He had followed his branch to where it had become too difficult to continue, since we were not really hunting, but just out curing a fever, and had decided to move in my direction.

As had happened so many times before in our years of hunting together, his move was timed impeccably and worked to our mutual benefit. I did spend a bit of time looking for tracks which were evident only as disturbances of the leaves on the ground. I also took the opportunity to unobtrusively estimate the height of the small trees he’d been standing amidst while hiding from me to better determine a height estimate.

We then retraced out steps to ol’ Widowmaker and headed on home… first stopping at a Burger King along the way to preclude the “punishment” we had waiting for us on arrival.

Source: Account provided by Thom Cantrell

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Squaw Peak

Squaw Peak, Utah, 2012

This is a photograph I took on October 31st, 2012. The sighting for this particular location happened on October 30th, yesterday morning.

Several students from BYU were camping on Squaw Peak earlier this week and yesterday morning were looking at deer. One got out to videotape the deer, which they then thought was a bear because of it's color and size, then it stood up and walked up the hill. They turned tail and ran, but not before getting some pretty interesting video.

This morning I went up to the location where the video was made and I hiked around for several hours. I am undecided on what is shown in the video. Proving anything for or against the existence of Bigfoot is not my motive.

When I get a complete account from the eyewitness I will replace this text with his. We have agreed to meet and go over his account. I can't wait.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Thumb Butte Loop - Prescott - Arizona

Thumb Butte Loop, Prescott, Arizona, 2012

It was August of 1981 and I was on the Thumb Butte Loop in Prescott next to the city park. While driving I spotted a reddish- brown ape like creature. I stopped the car immediately and observed the creature. The hair on his arms was longer than the rest. It appeared to have little or no neck. It appeared to be very muscular and covered ground quickly.

It was hard to judge the height of the creature because of the distance and shock but I knew it was tall. It walked in the tree line and there was a gap in the tree's about 75 meters long. I watched this creature walk through the opening. I remember his arms swinging and he only looked forward. I estimated (through military experience) that it was 100 meters from my position. I was sitting in the car with my head turned looking out the back and side window. I estimate that I saw him for at least 10 seconds although it seemed longer.

What I remember most is my mind was wrestling with the thought that what I was seeing was not supposed to exist yet I was viewing it. It was a most unsettling experience.

What I tell you is the truth. I have never told anyone out of fear of ridicule and having my sanity questioned. I hope this information can help your organization.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator:

I met the witness near the Thumb Butte trail head just outside of Prescott. We then drove up the same road where he saw the animal. Since the sighting was 30 years ago, the forest had changed quite a bit; therefore the witness could not pinpoint the exact location. He did find a location where the topography was similar so that he could recreate the sighting for me.

The forest was rather thick in those days with large Ponderosa pine. Late one evening in the summer of 1981 at approximately 6-7 pm, he was driving very fast up the dirt road toward Deering Park when he saw an animal appear in an opening. He saw the side of what he described as a very large ape. The animal was on his right and parallel to the road, walking just inside the tree line. 

The witness slammed on the brakes and skidded to a stop on the gravel road. After he came to a stop, the animal was behind the car. It did not look at the vehicle—not even when it skidded. Once the animal traveled through the opening in the trees, it disappeared into the tree line.

The following details may be added from the interview:
• Gait was “huge” and the animal traveled 75 meters “in no time”
• Hands swung up close to shoulder height
• Side of the face that was visible to the witness was black
• Animal was very muscular and very large

The witness was 18 at the time of the sighting. He has since retired from the Army and described this sighting as more disturbing to him than what he witnessed in the first Gulf War. He did not go back to look for prints as he was “too freaked out”. He expressed that the animal seemed to have no fear and was a definite “king of the jungle”.

When asked why he decided to submit a report after all these years, the witness stated that he has lived with this for 30 years and wanted to tell someone. Until our meeting, he has only told his daughter and his best friend about this sighting. I found the witness to be very sincere and credible.

Source: BFRO.net

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Highway 180 - Between Grand Canyon and Flagstaff - Arizona

Highway 180 Between Grand Canyon and Flagstaff, 2012

About 15 years ago, in 1990, my girlfriend at the time and I took a trip from our home in Albuquerque, New Mexico to Los Angeles, California to visit my mother. On our trip home we decided to stop by the Grand Canyon in Arizona because she had never seen it.

We got there pretty late in the afternoon and we stayed to view the sunset over the canyon. We departed for Flagstaff soon after it had gotten dark. We headed down a less traveled stretch of road as a short cut. I do admit that I don't remember the highway number, but I will look it up. It was around 8pm.

The road had next to no traffic on it and my friend and I took advantage of the time to talk. The highway was very curvy and we had just come out of a turn into a fairly long straight away when we noticed something walking down the right side of the road on the shoulder.

Note the rest of this took place in a matter of a few short minutes although it seemed like an hour. What we saw was walking upright like a man, but was noticeably larger.

As we got closer my girlfriend said "is that a bear?" It was at that moment that it became visible that our companion on the road was covered head to toe in brown to light-brown fur (hair). It was also at that moment that I realized what we were looking at. I had seen enough TV and heard enough hunting stories from my dad. I stopped the car.

Our headlights now shown into the area that the Bigfoot could see them and it stopped as well. We were about 50 yards apart at this point maybe closer. It then turned to face us. I'll never forget this moment it is burned into my memory.

At first the animal turned it's head slightly to look back, but it's head seemed to be attached at the chest so it had to turn completely to face us. We didn't make a sound. We were in complete shock. Our friend was about seven feet tall and was covered head to toe in hair. The body was somewhat without definition as in I didn't make out features like hips or gender.

The arms seemed to be abnormally long...maybe to just above the knee. The face was mostly hairless and looked...well without something else to compare it to kinda like a character from Planet of the Apes. Not exactly, but this creature definitely was from the ape family with just a touch of human looks. The eyes seemed to glow a bit green like a cat or dog in the headlights. It stood there for a matter of seconds and I could tell that it was thinking about it's next move.

It ran it's tongue across the front of it's upper teeth in preponderance. It took one small step in our direction. My girlfriend went berserk. She screamed in horror. It stopped it's forward movement, looked around, and headed into the woods near the road in a couple of strides.

We never got another look at it. My girlfriend quickly got it together and wanted out of the area. I agreed. We took off and I made a wide turn around the area that the Bigfoot had once stood. I never got the feeling that it meant us any harm, but was very curious about what we were. You couldn't convince my girlfriend of that though.

The event shocked her for life and she refused to ever talk about it again. To this day I'm sure she has blocked it out. I on the other hand will never forget it. It did take me years before I could tell my wife about my encounter. I am only posting my story for my own therapy and the hope that it will help someone else who has gone through something like this.

The whole time I could see from body language and face movement that the animal was thinking out its next move. It was very curious about us. I never felt like I was in danger.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator:

    I spoke to the witness via telephone on 5/19/05. The following details can be added to the report:

    • The encounter took place on Highway 180, sometime between 8 and 9 pm.
    • The creature was walking away from the approaching car.
    • After a quick glance, it twisted slightly at the waist and shifted its feet (left then right) as it turned around to directly face the vehicle.
    • The body hair was thick all over. The hair on its arms seemed a little longer.
    • The arms hung very low, almost to the kneecap.
    • The head was oval, “like the top half of an egg”. It had little or no neck visible, but showed some movement there as the creature glanced at them.
    •Its head and cheeks had hair on them while the eyes, nose, and mouth seemed more bare. The hair on its head was a lighter shade of brown.
    •The witness described the face as “definitely simian” (ape-like).
    •The teeth were dull yellow and human-like.
    •The witness said it had a “What the hell is that?” expression on its face.
    •The creature was between 7’ and 7.5’ tall with a shoulder width of one-third to one-half its height.
    •After a brief pause, the animal took one step towards the vehicle and the witness’ girlfriend started screaming. At this point the animal stopped and strode into the trees. It covered approximately 15’ in two or three strides.
    •They made a wide circle around the area where the animal entered the woods and immediately left the area.

Source: BFRO.net

Friday, September 28, 2012

Route 66 - West of Flagstaff, Arizona

Route 66 - West of Flagstaff, Arizona, 2012

My wife and I with our three month old baby girl in the back seat were traviling N.E. on Highway 40/Route 66 through the mountains near Flagstaff, AZ. This was right in the middle of a snowstorm. I stopped to read the map and reassess our directions. 

While looking at the map, I turned the rear view mirror light on to help see the map. in the mirror I caught sight of a huge manlike figure running up behind the vehicle, I turned to get a better look and my wife turned too. 

She screamed (Oh My God)! It was clear to see a huge hairy, black & brown colored, furry being. It was very tall, large head and long arms, running on two feet toward our vehicle. No other vehicles or tracks in the snow. Large pine trees bordered the highway.

Additional information provided by BFRO follow-up investigation:
The witness & his young family were on their way home to Denver from Los Angeles for the Christmas holidays in December 1973 when the sighting occurred. 

In the late afternoon, while traveling on Route 66 just west of Flagstaff, AZ, the witness hit a strong snowstorm and pulled off the side of the road to gain his bearings and check his map. He thought he might be lost because he hadn't seen another vehicle for miles and didn't even see any tire tracks in the snow covering the highway. 

He was driving a VW beetle vehicle, which he left idling on the south side of the highway.

While looking for the map, he glanced up to catch the sight of what appeared to be a large, bulky, two-legged figure running toward their stopped car from the rear. He mentioned that the figure had unusually long arms and legs for a man. 

The head appeared pyramid shaped but rounded on top. It appeared to be covered in black or brown dark fur and no clothes were observed. From his vantage point inside the car, he estimated the figure's height to be near 10 feet tall. He quickly put the car in gear (he felt threatened and that his family might be in danger) and tried to accelerate away from the fast approaching figure. The witness stated that the creature actually chased his car and came within 15 feet of the rear of his vehicle before he reached a speed of 45 mph and began to put some distance between himself and the figure. 

The figure remained on 2 legs for the duration of the encounter and at one point even raised its arms over its head. 

At the time, the witness was 24 years old and a member of the US Navy and DID NOT believe in the existence of Bigfoot type creatures. He said that he assumed any reports of those creatures, or the Yeti, were hoaxes or just imagined by people. This experience changed his perspective and he's now a firm believer in the existence of Sasquatch. He currently works for the US Mint in Denver. 

When asked why he thought it wasn't a human, he responded that they did consider the possibility of a stranded motorist seeking help, but that he didn't see anything that would indicate another human was anywhere near his position...no other vehicles of any sort (broken down or otherwise), no tire tracks in the snow, no headlights, nothing. 

Also, the figure "was too tall to be a normal human being; the head was too large and did slope down towards the shoulders. The speed at which it was running in the snow was amazing. The face was pretty much covered with the same color as the rest of its body, almost black in color. Maybe a little bit lighter."

Source: BFRO.net

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Left Hand Fork - Blacksmith Fork Canyon - #2

Left Hand Fork, Blacksmith Fork Canyon, #2, Utah, 2012

It was in 1992, so I was 21 when this occurred. It was more of a weekend my two other friends that were with me were graduating from USU, so we thought we'd go camping for one last hoo-hah and go camping for a few days before we parted ways.

This was over Memorial Day weekend. We'd just had finals and my buddies would be gone the following Wednesday. It was a busy camping weekend, we didn't want to be around a lot of people so we eliminated Logan Canyon because we didn't want to be in an improved campground. I was familiar with the Left Hand Fork of Blacksmith Fork Canyon, and thought if we can get up to the end of the canyon we probably wouldn’t see many people.

Where we camped was pretty much the end of the line for vehicle access. The only campers we passed on the way up there were ¾ mile to the west of us and they were an older couple. When we were coming up the canyon we had stopped to look at the creek and look for fish, but we saw them there. The road at that time was pretty unpassable for even a well modified 4wd. It was a pretty nasty road from our camping site eastward up to Hardware Ranch.

We left Friday afternoon we left USU and headed to our campsite. We weren't in much of a hurry to get to the camp spot, when we arrived no one was there so we set up camp. At the time there was a beaver pond right next to the campsite. It has since been removed, I think the state has come in and trapped out all the beavers to improve fish habitat. About 4 o’clock I started fishing. There was a flat part around the beaver pond, sand and mud. I fished, my buddies set up camp.

We had some dinner and were just sitting around. It got dark, we lit a fire. Nothing out of the ordinary. About 10:30 we were just sitting around talking and we heard a big splash in the beaver pond. One of the guys that was on the trip he's from Washington and even though he grew up in a small town he'd never been out in to the woods and was very uneasy. He shot up and he freaked out. I said relax it's just a beaver slapping its tail on the water. I was familiar with that behavior spending lots of time in the woods.

Two minutes later another splash, same thing. That second time I was paying attention during a break in the conversation I got a good earful of the splash. This time it sounded a little odd. This time it sounded like a 'ka-whump'. Like a rock being thrown in to the river. I blew it off as just another beaver. This was followed by two more splashes, this time they sounded like large rocks being thrown into the beaver pond, and again I blew it off. We thought the beaver was pretty active and must not like us being there. It was pretty agitated.

After the last rock about 10 minutes later I heard another thumping sound but it was a thump being generated by something hitting the ground. I realized the sounds were coming from where I had been fishing earlier that afternoon. Went with a flashlight to where you had been fishing and that's when I saw 5-6 large rocks about the size of a bowling ball, not round like that, but about the same size. I just started inspecting the rocks and thought I didn't remember the rocks being there that afternoon. I saw that the rocks were lying on top of my footprints I had left in the sand and mud earlier in the day. The rocks had covered up my footprints from my wader bootprints. Gosh, now I know they weren't there that afternoon and I knew I hadn't gone crazy or anything. Walked back up to the campfire about 30 feet away and asked if my friends had placed the rocks. They said no and we knew that was true because we had seen each other all afternoon. I went back and we talked about the rocks and while we were discussing that we started hearing some thing trying to walk softly through the aspen groves across the stream.

We then heard a hushed low growl. We blew it off saying it was a deer or an elk. My buddy freaked out and we got him calmed down again. We heard the soft grunting again, the volume of the growl increased and as the volume increased the growl went to a harsh raspy scream and from that part on the volume increased exponentially to where the sound reverberated across the sides of the canyon.

The scream was 10 seconds in length. We could feel it in our chest. We could hear the scream elevated to a nails being drug across the chalk board noise, like a woman being killed. After the scream we heard something large bust up the mountainside branches breaking and you could tell something was just chugging up the mountainside. I'm estimating distances from what I heard it went maybe 100 ft. After that my friend who was skittish was by now inconsolable. I myself was freaking out and I didn't know what it was. I have heard cats and bears and elk and there are moose up there, and I have heard them too. This was unlike anything I knew lived up there. It was an unexplainable scream. It echoed off the whole canyon, off the walls, off the cliffs to the north of us, back down into the canyon.

We were all on edge after that. After whatever it was that made the scream had charged up the mountain everything settled down. No bug sounds, nothing. Just the stream and our campfire. We were just jumpy. I started going through my mind...hoax, elk, cougar? Just trying to find out what it was. We had no defenses with us outside of a baseball bat. Whatever it was did not sound like it wanted us to be there. It was just kind of the way that the scream gave us a feeling and the way the scream was projected to us. Made us feel that way. I was like what is that and in the mean time...like some crazy person would be yelling at us. But this wasn’t a person this was something bigger. This was an aggressive sound projected and aimed at us. The fact that it seemed this growl/scream was like in a bull horn pointed right at us. I felt like my shirt collar just vibrate...I don't know if it was the wind...I didn't necessarily feel it in the chest but it just kind of the lower harsh section of the vocalization reverberated you kind of got a vibration from that.

Everything went dead silent and after we heard the movement up the hill nothing happened the rest of the night. We stayed awake until about 2 and we didn't hear a thing. We finally went to bed.

Next morning I woke up around a little before 5 to try to catch some trout for breakfast. As I exited my tent still curious about the night before, I was in the pre-dawn light. I could look up the mountain to see if I could tell what occurred and just above us probably 100 yards still back-lit by the sky, there was a thin quaky aspen grove with some junipers by a cliff, I saw an upright large figure I observed it about 8-10 seconds and it disappeared behind a rock pillar. What I saw was mostly the figure, but it was walking upright. It reached out with it's right arm and kind of pushed part of the couple of aspen trees I got a good side profile of the arm and it was rather large. It disappeared around the rock pillar.

My buddies were still in the tent and I was in shock trying to figure out what this was but I knew I saw an arm and it was upright walking on two feet. As massive as it was it was too large to be a human. I was trying to attach the silhouette to a known animal and I couldn't do it. Somehow was that a moose walking? Antler bumped the tree? I couldn't figure it out. That was pretty much the end of it. I was concerned after the vocalization that whatever it was might come across the creek and try to shoo us out of the area, but I wasn't overly concerned enough to tear off back home with the police or sheriff department. I have seen cougar while grouse hunting and that experience with the screaming was more frightening than the cougar. I was not overly afraid, I was just a little concerned.

They got up about 9 o’clock and one of them that was with us was from the Navajo Reservation, full-blood Navajo. I discussed it a little with them once I got up. That talk got into some other discussion about creatures in legend from the Navajo Nation. But there wasn't a big discussion about what it was. If you would have asked me the following week was what I saw a Bigfoot I would have told you 'no'. Back at that time the only idea of Sasquatch I had ever had was from some books in elementary about Sasquatch. I knew About the Patterson-Gimlin film, but in my mind bf only existed in Oregon, Washington and California. I had heard the stories about the Boy Scout sightings in the mid-70's. My parents owned some property near those sightings.

In the intervening years once I moved up to Oregon I would catch a story here or there about Sasquatch and started reading. It took me fifteen years to realize my encounter was probably with a Sasquatch. During that time period I started learning about what we think we know about Sasquatch. Back then we knew nothing about rock throwing, vocalization, etc... I did not know these things about Squatches. It took me 15 years to realize I had a Squatch encounter. The sounds I have heard online on Stan Courtney's website was a high pitched scream maybe from Klamath that the last end of the vocalization the high pitched section kind of sounds like what I heard. High pitched ear-piercing screams. As a whole I have yet to come across one vocalization that sounds like what I heard that night.

Source: Eyewitness interview conducted via telephone and e-mail by myself.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Mesa Verde - Colorado

West of Mesa Verde - East of Cortez, Colorado, 2012

Two years ago (2006), I was driving on US Highway 160 in Colorado in between Durango and Cortez. I was going eastbound (towards Durango) and I saw something run across the road very rapidly from my right (south) to my left (north) on two legs. It was large and dark colored. I am a professional driver and I drive for a living. It was heavily wooded on both sides.

The witness emphasized that, as a professional driver, he is very attentive to the road. He and another bus and driver had just dropped off their charter group in Cortez and were in the vicinity of Mancos at the time of the sighting. There were no passengers on the buses and the other driver following behind did not see the reported crossing. It was shortly after sunset but still light enough to see when the witness saw a figure dash quickly across the road at a distance of approximately 150 yards ahead. The figure was on two legs, entirely dark colored, noticeably large and muscular in shape, appeared taller than a normal person and was seen for only two or three seconds at most.

There was thick woods on both sides of the road and nothing of the figure could be seen when he reached the crossing point. He also noticed a large herd of elk shortly before this sighting. He speculated that the deer-whistles on the front of the bus may have alerted or spooked the creature. His immediate thought was "My God, I think I just saw a bigfoot or something!"

Source: BFRO.net

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

American Fork Canyon

River and Bridge, American Fork Canyon, Utah, 2012

Crag Cibulka and I were in American Fork Canyon when I first heard this story. It was late and we had been drinking and talking around a campfire for quite some time when his voice became serious and he told me his story about the last time he was in that canyon late at night.

Craig had been driving down the canyon by himself late at night. He was heading home from a night of partying with the boys. It was an unusually quiet night and Craig was in a hurry to be out of the canyon and home in bed.

Slowing his car to go around a tight corner, Craig heard his car hit something on the right side of the road. Stopping the car, he looked in the rear-view mirror and didn't see anything on the road.

Suddenly, something large and brown was on the right side of his car. Driving away quickly, Craig watched as the creature kept up with him. Speeding faster, the creature kept (up) with him. Craig remembered that there was a bridge ahead and he thought that he would push the creature off the edge.

Just as the car's tires hit the bridge, Craig saw the creature dive down into the water. He raced home and gratefully crawled into bed certain that he had just encountered Big Foot.


Nicole Progroszewski
Introduction to Folklore
Autumn 1989
Special Collections, Utah State University

Thursday, April 19, 2012

West Corinne

Harper Dairy, West Corinne, Utah, 2011

My name is Lewis Harper. I grew up on a dairy my parents owned in West Corinne, Utah.

I was twelve years old in 1980 when the event I am going to relate happened.

Our place was north of the rodeo grounds and the ball park, neither of which are used much anymore.

It was a normal morning for me, my mother had made us a typical breakfast of bacon and eggs while my brother was out working with the cows in the milk barn. He had come in around six, about twenty minutes before I had to go and catch the bus for school.

My mom had the radio on playing KSL while she made breakfast and my dad and my brother were talking. Suddenly we hear coming from the radio an announcement that said Bigfoot had been sighted in Ogden. My mother looked over at my brother and asked him, “Rodger, what's wrong”? When he turned to look at us we could see that his face was as white as a ghost.

We all got in the trucks and followed Rodger up near the milk barns where we walked over and he showed us something very interesting.

We could see preserved in the half-frozen mud, a footprint with an incredible amount of detail. You could see every line in the print, hairs in the mud, it was cool. The prints were about ¼ inch to ½ inch deep into the icy frozen mud. In one part of the snow you could see the front part of a footstep, then six feet apart was another print, then a heel, then another full print, then the toe print six feet apart again.

I'm a big kid and when I was twelve I wore size 13 shoes. We didn't take any measurements, but the tracks were at least a size 16 or 17 compared to my shoes. We called the sheriff and they took some pictures of the foot prints before they tried to cast prints. If you saw those footprints you would have known that they could not have been man-made. Not a chance.

Our house was a quarter-mile away and so we decided to look for other evidence.

We went over by the hay baler in the direction the footprints headed. When we got there you could see the finger marks on the dust on the hay baler where he put his fingers. We also learned that bigfoot stinks.

It was then that Rodger told us that one of those mornings he was milking all of the cows were jumpy and none were outside. He checked outside and he had the worst smell he ever could smell. He said that he saw bigfoot three days before. Rodger walked home when he saw the footprints and told his wife what had happened. His wife said it was his brothers playing tricks on him. He didn't think much of it until he heard KSL report the morning that he showed us the frozen footprints.

Thirty years later it still scares my brother and he won't talk about it. It took him a long time to want to talk to anyone about it.

Source: Edited from notes I had taken during Dave's Bigfoot Show, 2011.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Left Hand Fork - Blacksmith Fork Canyon

Left Hand Fork, Blacksmith Fork Canyon, Utah, 2012

This is a report I had heard at the Town Hall meeting that the guys from 'Finding Bigfoot' held last November while they were in Logan.

I had read this report previously, but didn't know the exact location. During the meeting I re-heard the report and took careful notes. I have tried to contact the witness to get more details, and will update the story if more becomes available.

This experience was in the Left Hand Fork of Blacksmith Fork Canyon in Cache Valley, Utah. The witness was feeling sick and went to throw up several times in the trees away from camp. He said when he went out of camp he felt like he was being watched.

On the last time he had gone to throw up he was walking back to camp and he said he saw the hairy legs of a creature as it walked on the opposite side of a 5th wheel camper trailer. He said he saw the legs walk by the 'pin' area of the trailer.

He then said he saw the creature look in the front windows of the trailer, peeking in the highest windows of the front section. It then turned and looked at him face-to-face before leaving. The witness contacted a researcher (from the Utah Squatching Group), and they went back 3-4 days later and had another experience which I do not know the details of.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Perry Camp

Ogden Canyon, Perry Camp, Utah, 2011

I was driving home going up Ogden Canyon really late at night, around 2am in the morning. This was in about March or April of 1999.

It was raining very hard and was hard to see the road. I was not driving very fast. When about 30 yards before the Perry's camp bridge I saw this huge guy walking toward me I'm the middle of the road. So I was driving up and 'he' or 'it' was walking down the canyon.

My first thought was,"Why would a guy be wearing a fur coat in the middle of a rainstorm?" I actually had to swerve to miss hitting it. It didn't move out of the way. As I passed by this thing I realized it wasn't a man in a coat as it was way too big and bulky to be a man. I know it was not a man or a moose or anything like that. I know exactly what it was.


Source: witness interviewed by Dave Carver

Monday, March 26, 2012

Monte Cristo Summit

Monte Cristo At Cache and Weber County Lines, Utah, 2011

This encounter happened in August of 1980 on the road over Monte Cristo coming back from Bear Lake at 1-2:00 am in the morning.
I was driving ahead of my husband who was pulling our boat from spending the day at Bear Lake, Utah. It was really late at night and the car headlights cast shadows from the aspen trees on the side of  the road. As I was driving I would get a little ahead of my husband and so I would pull over and wait then start going again.
As I was driving near the summit, out of the corner of my eye there was a shadow that didn't fit the rest of the shadows that I could see. I turned and looked and the dark figure backed into the forest and disappeared. I knew exactly what it was and as I think about it now it is as clear as if it happened yesterday.

The experience hasn't been dimmed by time at all. I can't say how big it was but it was much bigger than a man and much bulkier. We drove on home without incident. I know what I saw and I'll stand by it.

Source: Witness interviewed by Dave Carver

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Powder Mountain Road

Creature Seen by Spotlight, Powder Mountain Road, Utah, 2011

Doug Wilson - Powder Mountain Road - 1967

The experience I had we never did really decide what we saw. There were three of us in a pickup going up Powder Mountain Road one night. We were getting excited about the deer hunt. We had a spotlight up on the mountain and we were just looking for deer and seeing what we could see.

Part way up the mountain, about 125 yards up the hill from the road, what we could see, what caught our attention was some eyes glowing up on the hillside. We stopped the truck and had the spotlight up there.

It looked like a person sitting on the side of the hill with their arms over their knees just staring down at us. There was no light colored clothing or anything, it was all dark. We could just see those eyes looking at us.

We just kind of got out of there. We still never talk about that very much to this day. It's just a little experience that you see something that you don't know what to think about it. A little bit out of the ordinary.

Source: Dave's Bigfoot Show - 2010

Friday, March 23, 2012

Parley's Canyon

Mouth of Parley's Canyon, Utah, 2012

Creature seen on hill at mouth of Parley's Canyon, 1992

My ex-husband and I were driving eastbound on I-80 and getting ready to get onto the ramp to head south on I-215 heading south when he saw something up on the side of the hill. He watched it and pointed it out to me as we rounded the turn and we saw a spot where we could pull over to watch it some more. You can look back and see right off on one of those mountain sides that goes through Parley's. It was up on the side of the mountain...you're a long ways away.

We pulled over and there were other people, about three cars had already stopped. We were all looking up there trying to figure out what it was. It looked like something big. Usually people don't walk up here, there's no houses or anything.

It was winter because we thought it looked like it had a snow-suit on. It was really cold, we didn't want to be outside looking at this thing. Back then there was a ton of snow. That's another thing why it was weird. Why would anyone be on that steep of a hill in the winter?

We watched it for probably 10 minutes, it was just walking back and forth and every once in a while it would sit down on this big rock. I was with my former husband and he had pointed out it was so odd looking like, “How was that person so big”. It was right then I wished that I had some binoculars.

It never went away and we left before it did. We were so far away, it could have been in a full sized snow suit, you couldn't really tell what color it was, but it would have had to have been a dark color, we could see it easily against the white of the snow. It was walking on such a steep hill. It wan't easy to do, but it didn't look like it was struggling.

I wasn't scared or anything, I but I really wished I had more clarity or a better camera to see it better. At that time that's what we thought it was and I was asking myself something like, “Is that bigfoot”? At that time we definitely knew about bigfoot. Even when we were sitting there watching it you had to wonder if it was bigfoot.

The thing that makes me think that I wasn't crazy is that there were other people around watching it too. I think that the person we were closest too was like “what was that” Everybody was just wondering.

I believe the stories of others that I hear. It's annoying to watch those shows with bigfoot in them, but my family loves them so we watch them all the time. A lot of people have bigfoot stories. What is it that everybody is seeing? I don't know what it is. I wish I knew.

Source: personal interview with witness

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ophir Canyon

Ophir, Utah, 2012

There is one story from Ophir, Utah that I can find.  The details are pretty sketchy and leave many holes in the story.  I have a contact with the Mayor of Ophir and will be following-up with him in the future.  For now, here is the report.

Large Man Like Creature
Reported: 09/16/2003 19:26:55
Date of sighting: 09/13/03
Location: Ophir City/canyon, Tooele County. Utah
Time of day incident occurred: Dusk
Area Description (vegetation and habitat): Mountains
Are there caves or abandoned shelters in the area?: YES
Nearest bodies of water: River down canyon
Describe interaction: Was asked by officials if we had seen anything roaming in the canyon. Reports had said they had seen Bigfoot.
Description of animal: Large Man like creature spotted roaming the Ophir city limits, and canyon area. Reported to local law officials.

Source: Utah UFO Hunters

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sundance Canyon

Sundance Canyon, Utah, 2012

As I have had it related to me by first hand account, one witness said he was going up Sundance Canyon with college friends on a wintery and snow driven night. Blizzard was the reality of weather. As I recall his account they had passed Robert Redford's famous ski resort and were considerably higher in altitude, I believe headed to Aspen Grove.

A bunch of college guys in a Volkswagen Bug. As they advanced slowly up the road they saw suddenly before them a giant, massive, what seemed to them to be a bear. However, bears don't walk on two legs. They stopped the car. . . .

(The rest of the story may be told at Night of Sasquatch). This would have happened in the late '60's or early 70's. I would have to ask the witness for another review of his account for accurate details, and to see if he still remains by his story.

Source: Utah County Sasquatch Investigative Society


I have tried to contact the source author regarding the rest of the details of this encounter but have had no luck.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Providence Canyon

Providence Canyon, Utah, 2011

This report was given to me by a childhood friend who had his own encounter. He was with his sister, father and brother on a fire-wood gathering trip nearly 30 years ago.

I do not remember that he told me this story when we were children. I would have wanted to believe him, but I probably would not have. By then my fascination with Bigfoot was cemented clearly in my mind, and I would have remember ed the conversation clearly. Upon hearing his description a few years ago, and getting the location, I photographed there last winter. I will return this fall now that I have a better idea of how I want to portray this location. On to the story...

"It has been an interesting feeling reliving this incident after 30 years. I have only talked about it once or twice since it happened because it seems that Bigfoot encounters are not something to be discussed in polite company or amongst people that you want to keep as friends.

I cannot remember the exact year that that my encounter occurred, but I believe it was in 1979, when I was 10 years old. It was early on a cold fall morning in October or November. My father, older brother, younger sister and I bundled up in warm clothes to head up Providence Canyon to cut firewood for the wood-burning stove we kept in our basement.

At the top of the road up Providence Canyon is a large rock quarry. We drove along the road and as we arrived at the edge of the quarry we turned off the road to the right and drove cross-country for a couple of minutes until we were deep in a stand of trees that we were permitted to cut for firewood.

My dad used his chainsaw the cut the trees down and into sections. Once the sections were cut, my brother, sister, and I would take the cut pieces and stack them into the back of the truck as we had been shown how to do. Me, being around 10 years old, and my sister, being around 8 years old, quickly grew bored with the tedious and difficult (at least to us at that time) work.

We asked our dad if we could go play. Rather than having us around under foot and in the way, he gave us permission to play. He warned us not to go out of earshot so that we wouldn’t get lost on the mountain. We said that we were going to play in the quarry, and our dad told us not to climb the giant piles of gravel, because it could cause a slide and trap us.

After promising not to do anything dangerous, my sister and I walked the one or two hundred yards to the quarry. As we walked, we listened to the birds in the trees and talked and played games. When we arrived at the edge of the quarry, things began to change.

The first thing we noticed was how absolutely dead quiet it had become. The birds were no longer singing and nothing was moving. As we walked out of the edge of the tree line to the edge of the quarry, there was a small embankment of gravel, dirt, and small rocks leading up to a flat open area of knee-high grass and dirt. The sloping embankment was approximately 15 feet high.

My sister and I approached the embankment to climb up. We both immediately noticed that there were two fresh relatively evenly-spaced marks in the gravel and dirt diagonally up the embankment, which would make the impressions roughly 5 feet apart. We walked the last few steps to the embankment and began trudging up the embankment. We were curious about what could have made the marks. We assumed it was some sort of animal, but didn’t know exactly what.

When we got up to the first mark, it was immediately clear to us that that mark was an enormous footprint and that the footprint was pointing uphill. That seemed very strange because it would have to have been someone very huge to make such big prints and take such large strides.

Our curiosity led us to climb the remainder of the way to the top of the embankment. Our curiosity ended immediately upon reaching the top. Three things struck me instantly. One thing was a very strong, sour smell. Another thing was that there was a very large patch of grass and weeds that had been smashed down to look very much like a bed or nest. The final thing that struck me was a feeling of “wrongness.” I don’t know of any other way to describe the feeling other than it just felt “wrong” and like I had to get out of there.

My sister was also visibly frightened. Although I did not see anything, my sister said that she saw something brown run into the trees across the clearing (She later described it as a very large chestnut brown thing running on two legs). I had heard of bigfoot before that, but did not think about bigfoot at that time until my sister said that she saw something run into the trees. That is when I began to think of bigfoot.

I shouted “run,” and we ran down the embankment and back to my father and brother as fast as possible. I was shouting, and my sister was crying. I ran up to dad and shouted , “Dad! Dad! We saw something I think was bigfoot!” I tried to explain exactly what happened, but he was not particularly interested in what I was ranting about and dismissed it outright. We spent the rest of the morning and afternoon sitting in the cab of the pickup truck, not wanting to go outside and just wanting to go home.

We tried talking to mom and a few other people about it later, but no one would seriously listen to us. Thus, we have kept the story between us for the past 30 years, but we know what we saw that day."


The location is the gravel pit up Providence Canyon in Cache Valley, Utah. An easy drive in the summer, a super huge pain in the winter when it's snowing. Ask me how I know...

Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Charles Canyon, Idaho

Saint Charles Canyon, Bear Lake, Idaho, 2011

There are at least two reports of sightings near St. Charles, Idaho or actually in St. Charles Canyon (which is due west of the city of St. Charles).

St. Charles Idaho is just under nine miles from the Utah border.  St. Charles Canyon connects with the Franklin Basin drainage where there have also been sighting reports.  They start to all make sense and connect with the physical characteristics of the landscape when you start to look at the points on a map.   

The first sighting is difficult to pinpoint even a rough location to go and photograph, so I will include both stories with the above image which was taken very near the campground mentioned in the second sighting which took place in St. Charles Canyon in 1967.

The third story is pretty amazing.  It is a second-hand account of what happened there in the summer of 2008, but I will include it to add to the body of accounts from St. Charles Canyon.


Until Justin 'Judd' Phelps, resident of St. Charles (Idaho), disclosed his 1972 sightings, the Bigfoot phenomenon had not been reported outside of the Pacific Northwest. Phelps, a lineman-engineer on the Union Pacific Railroad, claims to have seen the creature in the depths of a canyon near St. Charles on January 2, 1972.

His (Bigfoot's) tracks were similar to a bear's but slimmer and about a size 13 in length. They sunk about a foot into the snow. Each time the creature was sighted, it stamped its feet and shook its head like a child in anger. Measured against a nine-foot (2.7 meter) tree, it measured six feet (1.8 meters) tall.

In hopes of catching a glimpse of the creature again, on January 2, 1972, Phelps left his St. Charles home on a snow machine and arrived at the place of his previous sighting around noon. It was bitter cold, so he built a fire.

He had been there about two hours and the fire was getting hot, so he decided to put a little snow on the fire and then he got a feeling that he was being watched.

It was between 1:30 and 2 p.m. He looked up from where he had been resting, stretched on his snow machine, and saw just 100 yards away, an ape-like creature with grayish-brown hair returning his gaze.

It was standing by a young pine tree, and when it saw Phelps look his way, it waved its arms and stomped its feet and headed for the deeper woods.

The first time Phelps saw the creature it frightened him and he fired above its head.

This time, however, he spoke soothingly to it and attempted to take a picture. When he pulled the self-developing (Polaroid) film from the camera, there was no figure on the scene, possibly because he had an older-model camera and his hands had been shaking while attempting to capture the creature on film.

Upon investigating the spot where he had seen the creature, he found tracks which had sunk about a foot (30 centimeters) into the loose snow. The snow at the site was six to eight feet deep, about two feet being new snow. He did not follow the trail.

Phelps tried two days later to make contact with the creature again but was unsuccessful.

Source:  FLICKERING MEMORIES: FOLKLORE IN THE BEAR LAKE VALLEY, Volume 2, by Bonnie Thompson, Printers Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah, 1977, pages 59 and 60.

------ second sighting report-------

Report # 1795 (Class B)

Submitted by witness Alan Meyer on Friday, December 26, 1997. Two campers' night observation of large creature near campground

YEAR: 1968

SEASON: Summer

STATE: Idaho

COUNTY: Bear Lake County

LOCATION DETAILS: Saint Charles Canyon, Bear Lake County, Idaho (near Bear Lake)


OBSERVED: A dark humanoid form was observed standing in the woods, just outside the campground clearing. Four of us were camping in sleeping bags, no tents, in a clearing recently cut by the Forest Service to develop a campground. No one else was in the area. It was in the early morning hours, perhaps 3am. My best friend and I had been talking about the strange atmosphere of the place and our wives were asleep. I was just dozing off when I suddenly felt myself jarred awake by a powerful feeling of a nearby presence watching us. I sat bolt-upright and looked directly at a large, humanoid form standing at the edge of the woods, about a hundred feet way. He/it was totally black. I could see no features, but the form was perfectly clear. At this point, my friend sat and looked in the same direction. "Do you see what I see?" I asked him. "I sure do," he replied. We continued staring at it, and it at us, for several minutes. Then I somehow got the "message" that it wasn't going to bother us, if we didn't bother it. I told my friend we should just lie down and go to sleep. He agreed -- and this may be the strangest part -- we both fell instantly asleep. At the time, I'd never heard of Bigfoot. I don't know what this being was and still don't. It could have been a Bigfoot. There are a lot of limestone caverns in the area and it was still very wild then. We didn't smell anything or hear any unusual sounds.

ALSO NOTICED: Although the has multiple, fully-developed campgrounds and paved road, now, in 1967 it was very wild and little visited. Even in the daylight, there was something primitive and haunted about the place -- quite different in feeling from other camps in the area.

OTHER WITNESSES: My wife and I and a friend and his wife were in sleeping bags, no tents. The women were asleep, but my friend and I had been talking and were just dozing off, when I felt a strong sensation of being watched.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Early morning hours, perhaps 3am

ENVIRONMENT: At this time St. Charles Canyon was just beginning to be developed by the Forest Service. The campground had been "roughed-out" at the top of several miles of a narrow dirt road leading to the nearby Minnetonka Caverns. Pine and Aspen forest covered the steeply angled sides of the narrow canyon. No one else was in the campground, or the area, for miles. 

Source: BFRO.net

------------ third story -----------

A few summers ago (reported in 2010, so the year of the event is probably 2008 - ed. ) while my family and I were camping in St Charles Canyon on the Idaho side of Bear Lake, a little boy got lost for a while, while his family was visiting Minnetonka Cave.

We were coming out of the cave and we heard a group of adults talking and we offered to help look for the boy. Some of the group went off down towards the campgrounds and my group along with the father of the child hiked up and over the backside of the cave. There were a lot of game trails. The kids was missing no more than 10 to 15 minutes.

We would yell his name, and then listen for any sound, well after yelling his name again, we heard a *whistle*, loud and long, sort of like holding a note for at least a 10 count. So we headed in the direction of where it came from, and when we came around a batch of trees, there was the kid, sitting on a rock, smiling and acting like a kid.

His father grabbed him and comforted him and as we were walking back, the father asked him where he got a whistle from, and the kid was like, I didn't have a whistle, the big hairy man, whistled for me.

And that is all he said, and the dad blew it off as his kids imagination. But i knew better. I know for fact that we heard a whistle from a BF. How else could we explain hearing a whistle and then go in the direction of it and find the kid. I went back a few hours later and looked for signs, there were no prints, but it was eerily quiet in that area, no bird sounds or anything.

Source BFRO.net

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ogden Divide

East Side of Ogden Divide, Utah, 2011

The Ogden Divide is an area that continues to provide experiences that witnesses occasionally will come forward and share.  This is a story from the east side looking downhill into North Ogden.

The witness in this experience claimed she saw a white bigfoot that crossed the road and shoulder in five steps and went down a steep embankment like it wasn't even there. Five human steps will only put you to the shoulder of the road, and won't even get you anywhere near the slope. I am impressed at the size and speed of these creatures.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Twin Spring, Nevada

Twin Spring, Nevada, 2011

Occasionally a report will be so close to the Utah border that I am compelled to go and see the location.  This sighting happened south of Wendover, Nevada in 2006.

I have been out on the west side of Utah's Great Salt Lake recently photographing for my lake project and in December decided to head out and photograph this bigfoot sighting location.  Here is the witnesses account:


Wendover, Elko County, Nevada 2006

My name is Tracy, I live in a border town on the Nevada - Utah line called Wendover, maybe you have heard of the Bonneville Salt Flats?

I have lived here for over 14 years and enjoy going out into the hills and finding old homesteads, I have seen most of the critters that live in this area, but I watched something I have never seen before. I have asked people I know here if anyone ever reported a Bigfoot before, all I got was a bunch of joking, so I thought I would ask you. I was about 43 miles south of town off of highway alternate 93 and up in the tree line looking for arrowheads when I saw it. Well it was about 300 yards uphill from me, about five foot tall, brown and walked upright and it walked up a grade that took me a good 10 minutes to get up and this thing did it like it was nothing!

But I did not smell anything like I have read about and did not find one single footprint. So what I am asking have you heard of any sightings in this area? If so, I would like to know and I will always bring a camera from now on.

The terrain where I was at is at lower level of the mountain is mostly scrub oak and up higher an mix of scrub oak, pines lots of bushes and two small streams very hilly opening to a big valley. The locals call it Twin Spring. There are many arrowheads in area because the Indians lived there a very long time.

As for what I saw, it was about five feet, red/brown hair its arms were very long, I mean its hands were below its knees it took very long strides when it walked. The thing did not have much of a neck, it was like its head sat right on top of its shoulders and I did not get a good look at its face. Its arms swung wide back and forth and it looked like its hands were very big.

I am going back today 10/01/2006 and going to stay for two days, I am going to hike in the area and go up higher, hope this thing is not mean. I will take pictures of the area and send them to you. Thank you

Tracy Sebastian

SOURCE: BigfootEncounters.com

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wheeler Canyon

Second House in Wheeler Canyon, Utah, 2011

I want to tell you about what happened a very long time ago, 1968.

I was living up Ogden canyon, in a house in Wheeler canyon, the second one to be exact. It was fall and there were a lot of leaves on the ground. Very late one evening I was sitting in the living room watching TV, my 2 year old son was in the back bedroom asleep. The chair I was sitting in was angled with it's back to the windows.

I got up to go into the kitchen to get a drink, when I turned around in the kitchen to walk back into the living room I was shocked to see a pair of glowing red eyes staring at me from the window behind my chair through the window. The porch light was also shining through that same window to the left (from my point of view) of the creatures head. All I could see of it was mainly a very dark mass outlined in the window and the eyes which were reflecting the light and seemed to glow red. I stood in the kitchen doorway frozen, I kept trying to tell myself I was seeing things and it wasn't really there. After all, I did enjoy monster movies, even though the show I was watching that night was a love story, I kept trying to convince myself it was just my imagination.

I finally turned and put my back against the wall inside the kitchen doorway and told myself that I'd clear my mind and when I turned around again it would not be there. I waited long enough to compose myself and then turned back into the doorway to go into the living room. It didn't work, my visitor was still there! I want you to know that at that time in my life I had never heard of a bigfoot. The only thing in my mind that could look like that was a werewolf and, of course, everyone knows they are only movie myth.

I turned around again and walked back to the bedroom where my son was sleeping. I was very shaken and the only thing I could think to do was call the police. I dialed the operator and asked for the police but when they came on the line to talk to me they said because I was up the canyon I needed to talk to the sheriff. I finally got to talk to the sheriff's dept. and I told them I had a prowler. I certainly couldn't say I had a beast of some kind looking in my window. It took them about 30 to 45 minutes to show up at the house. While I waited, I sat in the dark and just listened, expecting to hear the thing crashing through the door or window at any time.

I heard several of the windows along the east side of the house rattle "softly" and also the back door, as if someone was just testing to be sure they were secure. After that there was nothing but silence and I started to get some courage back before the sheriff showed up. By the time they got there I was back to the living room and waiting for them. They asked for a description, and I said I couldn't see the person because they were standing on the top step next to the porch light and all I could see was a dark outline of their head and shoulders in the window. One of the deputies was about my husbands height, 6'3' and he stood on the top step and the window framed only his head. They commented that my prowler must be fairly tall. There were no tracks to be found when I looked the next day, too many leaves. The porch doorway and steps at that time were built to go right along the house toward the driveway. Several years later when I went back to look at the house, someone had changed the door and stairs to go away from the house and out toward the lawn. It made me wonder if someone else had the same visitor.

My husband had laughed at me at the time I told him about what had happened. I took my son and moved out about a week after that. My husband later told me that about a month or so after that he had a strange encounter early one morning. He was up getting ready for work when he heard a racket out in the porch so he went out to chase our cats out and stop the noise. As he walked toward the front door he saw a dark hairy face looking in at him through the little diamond shaped window in the door. He stopped and thought "Bear", and he ran into the front bedroom to put on his pants and grab his gun. By the time he got back out, he was alone again. It wasn't until later when he was thinking about it that he realized that it couldn't have been a bear because it's face was up close to the window and a bears snout would not fit close to the window like that. About a year after that, my husband moved to Eugene OR with a friend to work and he sent me a book on bigfoot with a note that said, "I think you might like to read this, remember your visitor".. Remember, I'll never forget, I still get the shakes when I think about it and it's been a lot of years.

One other note I'd like to mention; When we first moved to Wheeler canyon, we did so with another couple and they had 3 horses which they kept in a corral down by the creek. More than once, when I was there alone in the evenings I would hear the horses screaming. I'm not talking just their normal horse neigh or such, I'm talking screaming. I told Bob about it and he said "Oh don't worry about it, either the mare is picking on one of the boys or they can sense a wild cat up in the cliffs". After my visitor, I think what the horses could sense or smell was not a wild cat.

I've told this story to a lot of friends and family, but never reported it to anyone involved in the study or tracking of bigfoot before. I hope that you find this of some interest, I picked your address to send it to because of your location and the fact that this took place close to where you are. I now live with my second husband in WA but most of our families are still in the Ogden area.

I don't know how long they keep police report records, especially such minor type reports but maybe they keep them forever. I have no wish for any harm to come to any bigfoot. Thinking back, I know that the one I had the privilege to see meant me no harm. However, at the time, it sure scared the heck out of me. 

Source: BFRO.net

Monday, January 16, 2012

Logan Canyon

Logan Canyon at Franklin Basin Road Bridge, Utah, 2011

I am finding new reports about Logan Canyon recently. One that I heard first-hand in November from the man who had the experience. He was participating in a town-hall for Animal Planet's show called 'Finding Bigfoot'. It was pretty interesting as I had not heard it before. I will include his report that he provided to the BFRO as well as the notes I took during the meeting.

Report # 29013  (Class A) 
Submitted by witness on Thursday, March 24, 2011.

Driver sees a Bigfoot cross the road while snowplowing Logan Canyon

YEAR: 2005
SEASON: Winter
MONTH: January
COUNTY: Cache County

LOCATION DETAILS: Going east out of Logan follow US 89 past Tony Grove turn off about 3 miles far east you'll see a sign for Franklin Basin. As you cross the bridge on 89 there is a turn off going north. It was in this area where the bigfoot crossed the road coming from the south . This is also the road that will take you to Cub river area in Idaho

NEAREST TOWN: logan, Utah 26 miles away


OBSERVED: It was early in the morning 12:30 to 1:00 A.m
It was Jan of 2005, I was plowing snow on US 89 Through Logan Canyon, I was in my truck plowing snow
I was near the Franklin Basin Road and saw something in the road. I flipped on the plow lights
(now these lights are landing lights) they are very bright and I saw something walk across the road. It was large, Tall, and hairy it stood about 7 ft tall. It looked right at me.and continued to walk across the road. I didn't stop cuz of the snowy conditions. When I stopped back in the morning all tracks were covered in new snow. What sealed the sighting for me was that morning on the radio I heard of someone reporting a sighting up cub river in Idaho. The Franklin Basin Road connects Logan canyon To Cub river in Idaho.
My family thinks I'm nuts but I know what I saw
It was not man. I hope this helps.
Source: BFRO.net
Personal notes taken from the Animal Planet 'Finding Bigfoot' town hall meeting where this story was first related:

Snow plow operator in Logan Canyon, Franklin Basin area, came across curve, creature walked in front of plow across road, saw it in his 'landing lights'. Looked at its face eye-to-eye while he was sitting in the cab of his plow. Also mentioned a report from the Cub River Canyon, seen at about 25-30 yards.


This morning I went up Logan Canyon to this location to photograph. I did a few calls, got no returns and exposed two 4x10 negatives. When I got home I mapped out on Google Earth the distance from the beginning of the Franklin Basin Road to the top of the Cub River Canyon Road. That distance is 16.25 miles. I am not sure where on the Cub River Canyon Road the sighting was earlier in the morning, but at the very least it is a distance of 16.25 miles. A Bigfoot could easily cover that distance in that period of time. If we say that in January something would be 'visible' in the morning light by about 7am, then that gives said Bigfoot at least 18 hours to travel 16 miles. Even in deep snow down that road it would be completely possible. I contacted Todd Strong about my experience there this morning and he gave me the indication that he believes a Bigfoot can travel three-times as fast as a human can. I would not doubt that figure.

I am realizing that I have quite a back-log of undeveloped film from the past year. I will be taking my JOBO film processor to BYU this week and start processing my film in the mornings in an attempt to catch up and make some scans/prints.

I should start having new images within a month or so for the blog.

Thanks to those who continue to show interest! Pass the link along if you are so inclined!