Saturday, May 28, 2011

Huntsville - some new sightings

Yesterday I went back up to a few areas that I had visited before so that I could re-photograph them and get a slightly different image and to get some additional details about the events that happened there.

I went back to East Layton and made a photograph in the research area I have mentioned before. I also went for a long-ish walk with the eyewitness and he pointed out several features of the area and even some of the places where he is conducting his own research. He indicated places where he has placed game cameras and showed me a tree-break that he had discovered earlier. I had never seen one, so it was interesting to put it into context.

I went up to Huntsville and photographed an area just below the dam where a sasquatch had approached a kitchen window and peeked inside scaring a mother and son. I met a current resident who knows the son from the experience and they were excited to hear the story. They had never heard it before. I was a bit surprised, but then realized they were renting from the former woman who had the experience at the kitchen window. I can think of no better way to scare off tenants than to tell them that the place was frequented by bigfoot. They were very into learning more about the area and some of the behavior that is attributed to bigfoot. They said they would pay closer attention and I told them I would come back and visit them again later.

I then went to a new area on the Ogden Divide where I had heard of a story from the east side looking downhill. The witness in this experience claimed she saw a white bigfoot that crossed the road and shoulder in five steps and went down a steep embankment like it wasn't even there. Five human steps will only put you to the shoulder of the road, and won't even get you anywhere near the slope. I am impressed at the size and speed of these creatures.

I headed down into Huntsville to follow up on a few things then learned of a new sighting down by the large waste-water treatment facility. This happened last July to a young woman and her boyfriend and they were very spooked. They returned the next day to find evidence of what they had seen. I am still fleshing out the details so my apologies for not having a longer account. I did see two sandhill cranes and it's young baby chick. That was pretty neat.

I went up the road to the Powder Mountain ski resort to make a photograph up there of a sighting by some men who were spotlighting for deer late one night. Again, the details are very interesting, but I don't have them all. I am not pursuing photographs that do not have written accounts, so be reassured that there are interesting stories forthcoming to accompany the images.

In any case, it was a very productive day, had some wonderful spring-like weather, nice clouds and nice light. A good day for photography on this project.

I had emptied, cleaned and loaded film earlier in the morning for the day's activities. I realized I am about 50-sheets behind on processing and printing. I will have a busy summer I believe catching up.

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