Monday, August 15, 2011

Bear Lake Hot Springs, Idaho

Bear Lake Hot Springs, Idaho, 2011

Last week I met a man at Dave's Bigfoot Show who related an experience he had up near Bear Lake several years ago. I asked him to write down his experience so that I could go and make a photograph later this fall. Here is his account.
It was early August as I remember because I was dreading the summer ending and heading back to school. I was 14 years old at the time ( this occurred in 1992 ). My cousins family had invited me to go camping at Bear Lake.

I had never been to the lake and thought this would fun. We headed up to the Bear River Hot Springs located just on the Idaho side of Bear Lake. It was the first night of camping out. My aunt and uncle ( Barbara and Reed ) along with my cousin ( Blake ) were all sleeping in a small 15ft trailer they pulled up.

Myself, Sherry, Dustin and Greg were all sleeping in the tent that was across the fire pit from the trailer ( aprox 20ft ). About 30 to 40 ft to the south of the trailer was an old storage shed that was located on the property. We were camping aprox 200-300ft away from the beach at the time. We had all been up late and decided it was time to go to bed. Me being a little claustrophobic decided to sleep towards the entrance of the tent hoping it would make me more comfortable.

I remember laying there for about a hour trying to fall asleep. I was staring at the stars and the surroundings outside when a large creature walked from behind the trailer to behind the shed. It was dark, all I could really see was the silhouette of the creature. It immediately turned and walked back from behind the shed and back behind the trailer again. Within 10-15 seconds it walked back again from behind the trailer to behind the shed. This time however it stopped halfway in between and turned and looked over our way. When the creature turned it turned from the waist up. Not with it's neck. Also the creature had a very distinctive walk. It walked in long strides and with his hands curled back behind him.

I could see that the creature had what seemed to be all one size of legs and arms. They looked more like tree trunks than human arms and legs. The creature stood about 7-7.5ft tall. When it passed by there was a horrible stench that disappeared as soon as the creature left. As soon as it was gone and I was able to compose myself I woke Dustin up and told him what I had seen. He laughed and joked and said "it sounds like you seen bigfoot."

I did not know who or what bigfoot was at the time. We stayed up a little and talked about what I had seen and he reassured me there was nothing out there and it was probably someone using the restroom or something. I could not sleep the rest of the night and when morning came I woke Dustin and we went and hunted around the trailer.

We found several large footprints leading back and forth between the trailer and the shed. We showed my aunt and uncle and they informed the managers of the hot springs. They called either the DWR or the Forest service who came out and took plasters and my story. After they were done I asked to call my parents and they came and got me within a few hours. To this day my cousin does not like to talk about what I say at Bear Lake that summer.

I believe to this day what I saw that night was bigfoot.


  1. Great encounter. Would they talk at the Sept 3rd show?

  2. Interesting, of course, anything about BF is interesting to me.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Del Norte county, CA (Bluff Creek footage)