Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Squaw Peak

Squaw Peak, Utah, 2012

This is a photograph I took on October 31st, 2012. The sighting for this particular location happened on October 30th, yesterday morning.

Several students from BYU were camping on Squaw Peak earlier this week and yesterday morning were looking at deer. One got out to videotape the deer, which they then thought was a bear because of it's color and size, then it stood up and walked up the hill. They turned tail and ran, but not before getting some pretty interesting video.

This morning I went up to the location where the video was made and I hiked around for several hours. I am undecided on what is shown in the video. Proving anything for or against the existence of Bigfoot is not my motive.

When I get a complete account from the eyewitness I will replace this text with his. We have agreed to meet and go over his account. I can't wait.


  1. I also enjoy this project. It is very interesting. Will you be able to post the video of thier sighting? That would be epic!

  2. Hey I was one of the group there. I believe you have talked to my brother. I don't see a problem with posting the video here if others want to see it. Either way though, up to you. Just letting you know we wouldn't have a problem with you posting it if it helps you or w/e.

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  4. Do you know the exact location? Would you mind posting it as it would be fun to hike around the area as well and see what might be found.

  5. Perhaps a starting point? I'm not real familiar with the area or trails up there.

  6. Thought I would provide a quick update on my visit up to Squaw Peak last week. Due to the weather forecast for Friday and Saturday I opted to grab my spotlight and go for a night visit Thursday evening. My friend and I went up about 9 PM Thursday night and as we neared the gate on Squaw Peak Road we noticed 3 or 4 vehicles pulled over to the shoulder. Rounding the bend we came to the gate which was closed and locked for the season. However there were 4 trucks, one of which had a large open trailer with bales of straw, lined on either side of the road right in front of the gate. Standing around in front of the gate was a group of 4 or 5 men. We pulled over and got out to chat with the group. They inquired as to whether or not we were spotlighting deer and we indicated that we were in the area out of curiosity over a recent purported Bigfoot sighting. They appeared to be unaware of this recent report and laughed at the prospect of a Bigfoot in Provo canyon. In any event they volunteered no information as to why they were there and what they were doing standing around a locked gate in the dark. The whole incident struck me as a little odd however we jumped back in our truck and left. We didn’t want to waste the trip and therefore decided to drive the Alpine Loop from Sundance in the hopes of spotting some wildlife. Yet, to our disappointment the gate from Sundance was also locked for the season. In any event I think I will venture back up to Squaw Peak by foot or ATV in the very near future.