Saturday, February 9, 2013

House on River Road, Eden

House on River Road, Eden, Utah, 2012

This scary encounter took place during the summer of 2001 on River Road in Eden, Utah and in the most active area in the entire Ogden, Valley.

The house that they live in has a big wooden deck and very large glass front that surrounds the door.

One night while the parents were away the daughter had the kids. As the night went on the kids went to bed and the babysitter was reading when she could hear footsteps on the wooden deck and a shadow pass by the window.

The moon was full so she could see that there was someone out there. Sometime during the night the girl was looking out the window and she saw a shoulder appear and an arm reach out to test the doorknob, turning it back and forth. The girl said she was very frightened even though all she could see were the arm and the shoulder. She said it was way too big to be a human. After a short while it walked away and left the house.

Source: witness interviewed by Dave Carver

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