Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Alpine Loop

Alpine Loop, Utah, 2012

We were driving near Sundance Utah just outside of Provo Utah in the Provo Canyon. We saw something in the trees so we turned around as quickly as possible.

That is when we began filming, at the point where we had turned around and were on the way back to see if we could see it again.

We didn't know until we got home and reviewed the video that we captured this footage of what might be a bigfoot or sasquatch.

Source: YouTube.com


  1. Hey, I made this map a while ago of bigfoot sightings in Utah, and thought I would go back and complete it using some of the sightings listed on your sight. Some of them seem may be a little out of place (like Riverdale Road), but are not impossible, especially because it was after dark.

    Also, give me your contact information and I'll send you an account of my experience in Rock Canyon, Utah. It was nothing too interesting, I heard rock knocking, stones thudding by my tent, and wood knocking, but didn't see anything. I'll give you the full account if you're interested, just figure out a way for me to send it to you.

  2. Oops, forgot the link to the map...


    Also, if you want and have a google account, I can give you editing privileges as you could probably pinpoint the sites far better than I could (maybe you've already made a map).