Thursday, February 11, 2010

Huntington Reservoir

Vocalizations Heard Near Huntington Reservoir, 2009

Written Account:

August, 2005

We were camped in the Lake Fork Campground just below Huntington Reservoir. The dam was in sight of our campground and the ridge that we felt the sounds were coming from were due East of our location and as far as I know there aren't any roads accessing that area.

I was family camping with my wife, daughter, and father below Huntington Reservoir. The last two nights of this trip while sitting around the fire late at night we started hearing a moaning sound that sounded like it was coming from the opposite ridge roughly 2-4 miles away. We heard these sounds repeatedly for over an hour on both nights and they seemed to be coming from at least two different directions. My father and I are both avid Bigfoot enthusiasts and have been to all of the locations of recent sightings in Utah posted on your site. But, this trip we weren't even thinking about it or talking about it when my father said do you hear that. After listening for a second I heard a long moaning howl that (as far as we can tell) sounds amazingly similar to the Ohio howl.

We heard it to nights in a row in the same location. It was during the week with nobody really around. Also there seemed to be some interaction with at least two individuals at different locations.

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  1. well sounds to me like your a dumbass i've lived in the area all my life and do alot of camping and hunting and nothing of the sort has ever happened. i also do alot of partying in them parts and we do alot of yelling and beatin people like you up:)