Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mt. Timpanogos

This photograph represents for me about three different sightings that have occurred on the back-side of Mount Timpanogos. I have made images at the three different locations whose stories will follow, but this single image for me represents a general feel for place. I will more than likely re-post these individual stories with a more accurate (if less artistic) image at a later date. For now here is the image.

Twisted Aspens, Near Mt. Timpanogos, Utah, 2009

Written Accounts:

July, 2004

My family and I took a hike to the falls behind BYU family camp located in Aspen Grove, Ut. Which is I think in Utah county. On the way back we missed a turn on the regular trail and were soon on a game trail. We had traveled about a mile down this trail when it became almost impassable. I looked down to the right and recognized that we had passed the family camp and could see the end of the State Campground. We were at the far end of the campground and about 1/2 to 3/4 miles above it. I decided to take a game trail that was very over grown down the mountain side to trek back to the camp. It was about 3:00 pm and I was concerned that we would be caught on the mountain at dark. With me were my wife 50, my son 7, and my daughter 11 at the time.

After leaving the bench we were on we pushed our way through the brush to the next bench. As we made it to the clearing my daughter and I stopped cold and she said, "Bigfoot!" What we saw was a footprint about 15 inches long and 6 to 8 inches wide. The imprint was at least a 1/4 inch deep in the hard dirt. My wife and son came up behind us and said the same thing. I jumped up and down to try and make an imprint (I weigh 220 pounds) and could only make a small impression. We looked around (a little because my family was frightened and I need to get them home) but we did not find any other evidence. When we got back to camp I thought I would go back and take a picture of the print. However, after looking back up the hill I wasn't sure I would find it again and my wife forbade it. We were all spooked.

August, 1978

Myself and two companions had spent the day climbing the summit trail. We had reached the top around 4:00 PM. We had just come off the summit and stopped to rest at the bottom of the glacier or snowfield below the summit. We were still above the tree-line. The sun had set behind the ridge above us but it was still light enough to turn for one last look at the trail we had come down. We were the last to leave the summit and we didn't pass anyone on the trail coming down.

As we turned to look back up, we saw a dark figure climbing up the glacier. Considering the elevation and the depth of the snow, we couldn't believe how fast the figure was climbing up. It didn't stop to rest. We looked for any color of clothing or sign of a backpack. Nothing.

The figure was a uniform dark brown or black. We estimated it to be about 6 or 7 ft. tall. The shoulders were broad and heavy. There was no discernible neck. It couldn't have been a bear. It walked upright the entire time. A person could not have climbed that fast and without stopping to rest in the hip-deep snow. Futhermore, there was no trees or shelter on top of the ridge and it was getting dark.

One person alone without shelter couldn't have survived the night up there. I know the mountain well and I have climbed the summit many times before. I have not climbed the summit since this experience. I am a pretty skeptical person, but I cannot explain logically what we saw that day. It has bothered me ever

The figure was a uniform dark brown or black. We estimated it to be about 6 or 7 ft. tall. The shoulders were broad and heavy. There was no discernible neck. It couldn't have been a bear. It walked upright the entire time.

We couldn't distinguish any identifying features.We could not distinguish clothing of any kind or equipment of any kind. It was climbing alone. It would not have been safe for anyone climbing that ridge at dusk and whatever it was could not have made it down the glacier before dark.

June, 1977

A friend of mine, Brett and I decided that we were going to hike Mount Timpanogos. Being early spring there was patches of snow on the ground at the aspen grove trail head. We decided to go up there the night before and sleep in the car so that we could start early in the morning. We were sitting in the car and talking and had the windows down a little for air when we heard a noise that sounded like someone walking behind the car.

Brett asked, "Who's there?" There was no answer. Since we had not seen any other cars or people all night this kind of spooked us. Then it really got weird. The back of the car started to go down like someone or something was pushing down on it. Brett started the car, turning it around to shine the lights into the meadow that had been directly behind the car only to see a slight shadow of something disappearing into the trees. We thought maybe it was someone playing a trick on us so we drove around the whole area and there were no cars or people around.

We were freaked out so we decided to go home. The next morning early we decided to go back up and try to hike the mountain. When we arrived at the parking lot we went over to where all of this happened and did not notice anything unusual. We started up the trail and started to get into quite a bit of snow.

About a mile and a half up the trail we noticed some footprints that went off of the trail and straight up the side of the hill. They were very large and quite far apart. I am 6' 1" and I could not jump to the next one. We decided to follow them and traversed up the mountain. As we approached the base of some cliffs we both got this weird feeling like someone was watching us. The snow was about 2 feet deep at this point and we were not able to go any farther. We decided to turn back and head back down because the area we were in has a high danger of avalanches.

A mile down toward the trail we noticed a terrible stench almost like a rotting animal and got that strange feeling again that someone was around and at that point we both looked at each other and said in unison. "Lets get out of here." Still to this day, it haunts me. I did not see what it was; I cannot explain what could have made the footprints that we saw either. I grew up around the mountains and have seen all kind of tracks and wildlife but have never seen anything like that. Most people that I have told this to think I am crazy but it really happened.

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