Friday, September 14, 2012

Mesa Verde - Colorado

West of Mesa Verde - East of Cortez, Colorado, 2012

Two years ago (2006), I was driving on US Highway 160 in Colorado in between Durango and Cortez. I was going eastbound (towards Durango) and I saw something run across the road very rapidly from my right (south) to my left (north) on two legs. It was large and dark colored. I am a professional driver and I drive for a living. It was heavily wooded on both sides.

The witness emphasized that, as a professional driver, he is very attentive to the road. He and another bus and driver had just dropped off their charter group in Cortez and were in the vicinity of Mancos at the time of the sighting. There were no passengers on the buses and the other driver following behind did not see the reported crossing. It was shortly after sunset but still light enough to see when the witness saw a figure dash quickly across the road at a distance of approximately 150 yards ahead. The figure was on two legs, entirely dark colored, noticeably large and muscular in shape, appeared taller than a normal person and was seen for only two or three seconds at most.

There was thick woods on both sides of the road and nothing of the figure could be seen when he reached the crossing point. He also noticed a large herd of elk shortly before this sighting. He speculated that the deer-whistles on the front of the bus may have alerted or spooked the creature. His immediate thought was "My God, I think I just saw a bigfoot or something!"


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