Wednesday, May 23, 2012

American Fork Canyon

River and Bridge, American Fork Canyon, Utah, 2012

Crag Cibulka and I were in American Fork Canyon when I first heard this story. It was late and we had been drinking and talking around a campfire for quite some time when his voice became serious and he told me his story about the last time he was in that canyon late at night.

Craig had been driving down the canyon by himself late at night. He was heading home from a night of partying with the boys. It was an unusually quiet night and Craig was in a hurry to be out of the canyon and home in bed.

Slowing his car to go around a tight corner, Craig heard his car hit something on the right side of the road. Stopping the car, he looked in the rear-view mirror and didn't see anything on the road.

Suddenly, something large and brown was on the right side of his car. Driving away quickly, Craig watched as the creature kept up with him. Speeding faster, the creature kept (up) with him. Craig remembered that there was a bridge ahead and he thought that he would push the creature off the edge.

Just as the car's tires hit the bridge, Craig saw the creature dive down into the water. He raced home and gratefully crawled into bed certain that he had just encountered Big Foot.


Nicole Progroszewski
Introduction to Folklore
Autumn 1989
Special Collections, Utah State University

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