Friday, November 2, 2012

Hamblin Valley

Hamblin Valley, Utah/Nevada Border, 2012

My name is Carol and I live in Modena, Utah...along the Nev/Utah border. I was hunting on horseback in the Hamblin Valley in February of 2004 here..and my horse all of a sudden became panicked. He reared up...with nostrils flared...and I looked in the direction of where he was looking.

I saw it...I believe it was female..about 8 or more feet it was doing something in an old rock burned out root cellar. It was bending over and saw me..and stood up. I was a hundred yards from it.

My horse was spazzing out and terrified....It was dusk and the creature just looked at heading out.. I saw a big pile of looked human...but on a larger scale.

The area is called Deadhorse corner..named by local residents...and has old horse skeletons to mark the road. I' am still curious and going to return with my camera.

 There is no doubt that this is Bigfoot.


  1. Very intertesting. There is nothing more enjoyable than reading a narrative document about a possible Bigfoot sighting. Keep them coming!

  2. The story is helped by the photos. Putting a photo with each story is like putting a face with a person who has made an impact in your life. The pictures give the sightings an actual face and make it more realistic.