Saturday, November 3, 2012

South Weber, Canal

 Canal, South Weber, Utah, 2011

This story happened in South Weber, 1977.

A young girl was getting ready for church and looked south out her back window and saw a large biped walking down the hill behind her house. She went to church and that’s when this story begins. After the whole congregation got out of church the area was in an uproar.

It was the next day that Mr. Sanders (about 24) and his friend decided they would try to find tracks and follow them. Mr. Sanders took me to the Weber Basin Canal where it goes under the road right where the young girl’s house still stands. The canal is fenced off now but wasn’t then so he pointed out to me what he found as we stood on the road looking directly west.

We picked up a set of very large tracks at the bottom of the hill as they were easy to spot and followed them to the canal not far where we are standing now (this was about 30 yards from the road.) We could clearly see prints that came up to the edge of the canal (which is about 24 or so feet wide and at that time was empty with about 4-6 inches of snow in the bottom.)

There was one single track in the middle of the canal and two tracks on the other side where the creature landed and walked west along the north side of the waterway. Can you imagine the strength of muscle to propel and 800 lb creature 12 feet across and then drop 6 feet into the canal and on that same foot jump clear across to the other side? Incredible and unbelievable.

It was not very far when we spotted another set of tracks smaller than the first and they walked together. The smaller ones must have been another creature like a youngster. The tracks later turned north and we lost them for a while but picked them up in some tall cottonwood trees north of where we lost the tracks as they crossed the road.

We had to circle around to find them again. They walked around in those trees a lot but eventually went north east and we lost them altogether as if they were heading up Weber Canyon.

Source: Dave Carver

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