Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bear Lake Golf Course

Bear Lake Golf Course, Utah, 2012

20 years ago in September a local woman was up at Bear Lake staying in her parent's cabin. She was was walking with her dog and was up the gullies nearby the golf course.

She saw a big hairy thing walking into the trees, saw it for about 20 seconds, it covered its face as it walked into the trees. She sounded very scared telling the story.


I heard this report while attending a town hall meeting that was held in 2011 in Logan Utah. The producers of Finding Bigfoot held this meeting in concert with their taping for the episode that featured reports from Northern Utah. During this meeting I was frantically taking notes and trying to keep up. There were many reports that I had not heard before. The following are notes that I took from a woman who I will keep anonymous. I will try to contact her and get more details if time allows.

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