Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas Meadows - River and Cabins

Christmas Meadows - River and Cabins, 2012

I have four recorded stories of sightings in Christmas Meadows in the Uintah Mountains. Here is the second.


My parents had a cabin up in Christmas Meadows area of the Uintas. We were up there having our yearly 'clean-out' day where all the adults would clean out the cabins, fix the toilets and get the cabins ready for the winter.

My buddy and I were kind of in the way and we wanted to leave and just go chase rabbits so we headed off about a quarter mile away from where the cabins were chasing some a very large jack-rabbit. It was running around like crazy and then it just stopped, frozen solid and looked at this tree.

As it did we followed it and turning around saw a very large tall hairy dark figure which I think must have been about seven feet tall. It turned around very quickly, so quick that we didn't get a look at it's face.

It tore off up the hillside very quickly pushing the trees out of it's way and making a tremendous noise as it broke branches, moving trees out of it's way as it made it's way up the hill. I heard it scream at us once or twice and I got the feeling that it was a warning for us not to follow it.  We watched it move on two legs up the side of the hill very smoothly and never stumbled. We never felt like we were in danger, never felt afraid, but I felt anxious about how the situation would resolve itself.

The creature we saw had a pointed head, not coned but not round, had broad shoulders, long brown or black hair and had a peculiar 'musty' odor.

Source: Personal interview with witness, 2012

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