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San Clemente, California

San Clemente, California, 2012

Date:April 11, 2008

My son and his 2 friends were having a sleep over. They heard noises outside. They couldn't sleep, so his two friends went out on the upper balcony to look.

They noticed a tall figure, they said it was about 8 ft. tall that had come down a trail between two of the town homes. It walked into the middle of the road (this is a steep road) Then it stopped, sensing something looking at it. It looked up toward the two boys and turned around, got on all fours and ran, back between the homes.

They said it ran extremely fast. 

I'm the mom, and a little over two weeks later I heard a high pitched scream. It sounded like the recording you have on this site (Klamath, CA., screaming sounds). It was Sunday 4-27-08 10:30 pm.

I had just fell asleep, when I heard the high pitched scream. My dog was sleeping at the end of the bed, she heard it and just stared at the open window (from where the sound came from). Normally, she would have barked, this sound frightened her, she seemed frozen, just staring out the dark window. That's exactly what I was doing as well. The only logical, thing I could think of was an animal being killed. I've never heard such a sound. It's kind of like the dinosaur movies like Jurassic Park, the sounds they made for the dinosaurs.

The area is a hilly townhome association. Behind the association is open hills and a water tower. There is an abundance of wild life in the area, such as; coyotes, rabbits, field mice and snakes.


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