Friday, July 22, 2011

Blue Diamond, Nevada

Occasionally I will slip outside the strict boundary of Utah and do some research on an area that I happen to be visiting. Last Thanksgiving we visited some friends in Los Angeles and on the way home stopped in Blue Diamond, Nevada to take a photograph.

I had been interviewed on Bigfoot's Pad radio earlier that month and they told me about several sightings in southern Nevada. I decided to check out Blue Diamond and take a photograph based on their experiences there. You can hear more about their encounters in the podcast linked above.

Since then I have found a very small report that is not very descriptive, but it sheds a little more light on the area.

Multiple Sand Yeti Sightings, Blue Diamond, Nevada, 2010,
Michael Slade file# 00425

Date: , 2002

Clark county, NV

Nearest town: Blue Diamond

Nearest road: SH 160


Time: early evening

Location: Near the community of Blue Diamond in Clark County Nevada

Description of event:

I saw a large fur-bearing creature walking up right through the desert sagebrush. The creature moved quickly from the brush and crossed the roadway into the sagebrush on the opposite side. The animal seemed to be ape-like but had a more upright posture and bi-ped(al) locomotion.

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