Friday, July 22, 2011

Riverdale Road

Creature Darts In Front Of Car At 3:30am, Riverdale Road, Ogden, 2010

'Bigfoot' Sighted Now in Riverdale
By Bert Strand, Standard-Examiner Staff 
Ogden Standard-Examiner_ February 27, 1980

RIVERDALE - "I didn't believe in them, but I sure do now," exclaims a Clearfield man who says "bigfoot" ran through the headlights of his vehicle early Monday morning. Lee Padilla of 143 W. 650 N. said he was driving east on Riverdale Road about one mile west of Weber River about 3:30 a.m. when the 10 to 11-foot tall creature loped across the highway about 25 feet away.


"It had long legs, a head like a gorilla with long, dark brown, furry hair that was in layers. The thing was very graceful. I would say it would weigh about 600 pounds. It crossed the road from north to south and I would estimate it was running about 35 miles an hour. I saw it for maybe four or five seconds," said Padilla.
The creature kept his face faced in the direction he was running, Padilla said. When asked if the incident frightened him, Padilla answered with a slow "No." and then added, "I was more curious than anything else. It didn't pay the least bit of attention to me or my car." A check of the area Tuesday by Padilla, Jay W. Barker of North Ogden and photographer John Shupe failed to uncover any tracks. The highway sides, however, were solid grass and weeds and fields in the area were hard or planted in alfalfa and even the footprints of the men did not show, said Barker.


"There was one plowed field on the north side, but we didn't find any tracks in it," said Barker who also reported seeing the creature together with three other men and several boys three years ago in the Uinta Mountains. Padilla said after the creature crossed out of the headlight beams, he turned down a small, dirt side road and directed the beam of his headlights across the field hoping he could follow and spot the creature again. The headlight beams didn't spot the creature, Padilla said, but they did attract the attention of a state highway trooper who drove up and asked him what was going on. When the trooper was told what had taken place, "he took off in a hurry and I got the impression he was going to also look for it," said Padilla.
The witness said the creature had long arms and was very erect as it ran across the highway. Padilla said the creature "moved gracefully" and not in the manner usually attributed to the slouch and swinging gait of a gorilla or member of the ape family. Padilla said the area where the creature crossed is farmland with open fields and little cover.


The location is only a few miles from where sightings were reported and tracks of "bigfoot" found early in February in South Weber outside the mouth of Weber Canyon and near the Weber River.

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