Friday, July 22, 2011

Layton Bench

Here's the image from the Layton Bench sighting.

Bigfoot Sighted Along Layton Bench, Utah, 2011

General information:

1- Equipment: Video shot with Digital 8 camcorder (High zoom)
2- Date of filming: Nov. 11 2000 approx 7:45 am
3- Location: Layton, Utah off US 89 on the Wasatch Front mountains...( near Hobbs Canyon. )
4- Details: first spotted with binoculars, then grabbed video camera for approx 4 minutes of video.


I believe what you are seeing is the real thing based on the location is a real Sasquatch individual, appearing to possibly have a young juvenile on its back.

It was taken in 4-6 inches of snow.

Having reenacted it recently on location it seems like about 80 yards of walking footage taking its time , even stopping & twisting & turning several times. Because of the great distance the film was taken at in the Zoom mode it is difficult to make out an incredible amount of tell -tale indications on the physical anatomy without high tech scrutiny applied such as a SAGITTAL CREST on the cranium, {in other words a cone shaped head} positive identification of juvenile on back such as arms legs swinging so forth.}

However the individual does seem to be large and pear shaped {MESOMORPH body type} especially when viewing it disappearing into the oak brush. Also extremely dark contrasted to the surroundings as you can observe.

Many researchers and notable big game hunters in the area who have had their own sightings and encounters felt that it was bonafide and not a put-on, hoax or setup. They were satisfied that it was indeed a Sasquatch in their own way of evaluating it. As well as myself.

Source: Utah UFO Hunters

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