Thursday, April 19, 2012

West Corinne

Harper Dairy, West Corinne, Utah, 2011

My name is Lewis Harper. I grew up on a dairy my parents owned in West Corinne, Utah.

I was twelve years old in 1980 when the event I am going to relate happened.

Our place was north of the rodeo grounds and the ball park, neither of which are used much anymore.

It was a normal morning for me, my mother had made us a typical breakfast of bacon and eggs while my brother was out working with the cows in the milk barn. He had come in around six, about twenty minutes before I had to go and catch the bus for school.

My mom had the radio on playing KSL while she made breakfast and my dad and my brother were talking. Suddenly we hear coming from the radio an announcement that said Bigfoot had been sighted in Ogden. My mother looked over at my brother and asked him, “Rodger, what's wrong”? When he turned to look at us we could see that his face was as white as a ghost.

We all got in the trucks and followed Rodger up near the milk barns where we walked over and he showed us something very interesting.

We could see preserved in the half-frozen mud, a footprint with an incredible amount of detail. You could see every line in the print, hairs in the mud, it was cool. The prints were about ¼ inch to ½ inch deep into the icy frozen mud. In one part of the snow you could see the front part of a footstep, then six feet apart was another print, then a heel, then another full print, then the toe print six feet apart again.

I'm a big kid and when I was twelve I wore size 13 shoes. We didn't take any measurements, but the tracks were at least a size 16 or 17 compared to my shoes. We called the sheriff and they took some pictures of the foot prints before they tried to cast prints. If you saw those footprints you would have known that they could not have been man-made. Not a chance.

Our house was a quarter-mile away and so we decided to look for other evidence.

We went over by the hay baler in the direction the footprints headed. When we got there you could see the finger marks on the dust on the hay baler where he put his fingers. We also learned that bigfoot stinks.

It was then that Rodger told us that one of those mornings he was milking all of the cows were jumpy and none were outside. He checked outside and he had the worst smell he ever could smell. He said that he saw bigfoot three days before. Rodger walked home when he saw the footprints and told his wife what had happened. His wife said it was his brothers playing tricks on him. He didn't think much of it until he heard KSL report the morning that he showed us the frozen footprints.

Thirty years later it still scares my brother and he won't talk about it. It took him a long time to want to talk to anyone about it.

Source: Edited from notes I had taken during Dave's Bigfoot Show, 2011.

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