Sunday, April 8, 2012

Left Hand Fork - Blacksmith Fork Canyon

Left Hand Fork, Blacksmith Fork Canyon, Utah, 2012

This is a report I had heard at the Town Hall meeting that the guys from 'Finding Bigfoot' held last November while they were in Logan.

I had read this report previously, but didn't know the exact location. During the meeting I re-heard the report and took careful notes. I have tried to contact the witness to get more details, and will update the story if more becomes available.

This experience was in the Left Hand Fork of Blacksmith Fork Canyon in Cache Valley, Utah. The witness was feeling sick and went to throw up several times in the trees away from camp. He said when he went out of camp he felt like he was being watched.

On the last time he had gone to throw up he was walking back to camp and he said he saw the hairy legs of a creature as it walked on the opposite side of a 5th wheel camper trailer. He said he saw the legs walk by the 'pin' area of the trailer.

He then said he saw the creature look in the front windows of the trailer, peeking in the highest windows of the front section. It then turned and looked at him face-to-face before leaving. The witness contacted a researcher (from the Utah Squatching Group), and they went back 3-4 days later and had another experience which I do not know the details of.

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