Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Perry Camp

Ogden Canyon, Perry Camp, Utah, 2011

I was driving home going up Ogden Canyon really late at night, around 2am in the morning. This was in about March or April of 1999.

It was raining very hard and was hard to see the road. I was not driving very fast. When about 30 yards before the Perry's camp bridge I saw this huge guy walking toward me I'm the middle of the road. So I was driving up and 'he' or 'it' was walking down the canyon.

My first thought was,"Why would a guy be wearing a fur coat in the middle of a rainstorm?" I actually had to swerve to miss hitting it. It didn't move out of the way. As I passed by this thing I realized it wasn't a man in a coat as it was way too big and bulky to be a man. I know it was not a man or a moose or anything like that. I know exactly what it was.


Source: witness interviewed by Dave Carver

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