Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ephraim Canyon

Ephraim Canyon, Utah, 2012
At the Manti temple timber operation, where they were cutting wood for the temple, men would come and stay for two or three days. 

After the camp had been set up for a while they would hear strange noises in the brush like a bear or something. They didn't know what it was but the dogs in camp would bark. Sometimes this thing would get close and they could see it in the edge of the fire light. 

They would build a bon fire to scare it away. They would find huge tracks that it left. One night some dogs went after it nipping at it. The beast got mad and started swinging at the dogs. The other dogs joined in and circled it. The thing killed the dogs one by one. Then they heard it out with the horses. The horses were making noises in fright, but they also were silenced one by one. At this point the men were so scared they built a big bon fire and shot their guns into the dark. 

Finally the beast left. 

In the morning they found that the back of every horse was broken and some of the dogs had been thrown 40 feet up into trees. They figure it was the bigfoot monster.

Source: Interview with Alan Stock by Kenneth Holm, Merrill-Cazier Library, Special Collections, Folklore Collection #84, Utah State University


  1. This is a fascinating account of how these awesome creatures behave when harassed. But killing of the horses clearly was not self defense. In fact BF probably had to go out of his/her way to catch and kill them. This behavior is odd but not unheard of. As with most animals, these things can be extremely violent. In my own research I have encountered individuals who said a Bigfoot had attacked their vehicle and livestock. I even know of a murder case in which the suspect had blamed a monster. The monster defense is never a very strong one. Wouldn't it be awful to be blamed for something a "mythical" beast was actually responsible for?

  2. Are these accounts available online? If so, might you provide a link? Thank you!

  3. My brother also swears on his life he saw something in ephraim canyon it had to be around 1985,86,or 87 ... he said the animal he saw was around 9 to 14 feet tall standing on two legs .. it was just before dark and was around 75 to 100 yards from him ....he said it was gone in a blink of an eye... my brother is and always has been a very honest person!! he spent 20 years serving our country in air force ....just thought i would share this

  4. Do you really believe this, I'm from Sanpete County, Manti to be exact and I've never heard this story.

  5. I think its BS!! I have luvwd in Sanpete (Manti) forniver 30+ yrs and have not heardnof any story.like that. Why haven't we heard of this story?

  6. I live in Sanpete County as well and this is the second time coming across this story. The first story depicted the same storyline with exception of the killing of the horses. They were only frighten not even touched. I have found other more recent stories like this one in Sanpete or other neighboring counties.