Monday, May 13, 2013

I-80 Between Park City and Wanship

I-80 Between Park City and Wanship, Utah, 2013

Anyways, like all good Bigfoot sightings, there was alcohol involved. 

Me and 2 of my buddies had been down in Salt Lake at a party and we were on our way back home. Jerry was completely passed out and missed the whole thing. Jeff was about half asleep, kinda drifting in and out. I was in pretty good shape, overall. 

There is a section of I-80, between Park City and Wanship, that is a windy canyon and when we came around one corner, my lights lit up something big standing on two feet next to the road. My lights were on it just for a second and then we were past it. 

I was nearly overcome with a wave of fear, and Jeff sat bolt upright in the seat and yelled "What the hell was that?" I told him that I didn't know, but that I sure as hell wasn't gonna go back and see. What we saw was big, dark brown and like I said, standing upright. 

Now, I've seen pretty much every critter that's supposed to be around here, and none of these would fit the description. Maybe a grizzly bear standing up, but there's no grizzlies around here. Way to big to have been a black bear. We thought maybe a moose that for some reason was standing on it's two hind legs, but for the life of us, we couldn't think of a reason a moose would do that. 

We were left with only one conclusion: Bigfoot. Jeff is one of my oldest friends-he stood up with me at my wedding-and to this day he won't speak of it except for when he is really drunk. Then he just says "Yeah-what Pritch said".

Source: The Blindman's Blues Forum

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