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Duck Pond and Chicken Coop, Liberty

Duck Pond and Chicken Coop, Liberty, Utah, 2012

The night of this past August’s full moon when Sam, a 15-year-old Liberty youth, noticed a large, nearby shadow as he was en route to feed the chickens. “Usually my dog comes with me, but this night she just stopped at the edge of the garage and wouldn’t come any further.

Right before I got to the coop I saw a big shadow. It merged with the small fir trees in the neighbor’s yard, and then the big shadow walked across the open and went behind a mound of dirt. I’m six-foot tall. It was about eight feet, with big, broad-shoulders, and man-like. I thought it was my neighbor or maybe some doorbell ditchers.”

 Then the neighbor’s motion lights came on and Sam saw a figure “head-to-toe in black. I couldn’t see any skin or any clothing.” A crash sounded behind him and Sam witnessed a similar creature moving towards the larger one. “It wasn’t sprinting, but it was moving fast,” Sam recounts. When the two figures met, the shorter one headed up the riparian gully that winds east to the mountains.

“The creepy thing,” Sam says, “was that they didn’t say anything to each other before the one just took off. Then the big one just stood there staring me down. I was a little scared. I definitely picked up on a message from him, like he was saying, ‘Don’t follow us.’” Two days later Sam and his mother discovered garden tomato plants stripped of their fruit, and a large reclining imprint in the short ornamental grass on the hill beside their pond.

Source: Utah Stories Magazine,  October 17, 2012 by

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