Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pineview Reservoir Overlook

Pineview Reservoir Overlook, Utah, 2013

I was driving home in the late evening on a weekday in September 2012 after my work.

Just before the road drops down and crosses the north fork river there is an overlook that looks to the east and views the marshy area that usually is covered up by water of the Pineview reservoir in Ogden Valley, Utah.

There is another viewing area that cars cannot pull off that is just south of this big overlook. I glanced over to my right down into the brush and tall grass and noticed a solid dark figure walking northward with an unusual gait.

He was bigger than normal walking upright with an different arm swing. Another thing I noticed was the palms of his hands traced backward that was interesting to me. I wanted to pull off but was late for an appointment and I didn't dare stop and check it out more fully as I know now I should have.

The view was only for a few seconds but What I saw was not something I recognized. I thought about it many times and wished that I had pulled over and gotten out of the car and watched it longer but it would've been nearly impossible because there were so many cars coming home behind me at the same time.

Source: witness interviewed by David Carver

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