Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Factory and Main, Garland, Utah, 2010

Two stories come from Garland, Utah. Unfortunately they are not very rich with detail. I have a self-challenge to look up the police chief that is mentioned. I have already spoken with some ranchers in the area and haven't learned much.

Written Accounts:

1981: The police chief of Garland, Box Elder County, said he saw a creature run in front of his car. Several other residents also reported sightings and tracks are found that lead in a northwest direction.

1988: Ranchers near Garland reported seeing two Bigfoot-like creatures near their lambing pens after dark. Soon after, many tracks were found in the Garland area in deep snow and were followed two miles.

Source: Deseret News, Thursday, April 01, 1993 via bfro.net

UPDATE: 11/1/2011

An e-mail came in recently that sheds more light on the sightings in Tremonton and Garland. I will quote the e-mail here:

"(The Police Chief of Garland) had received a call from a farmer on the west edge of Garland on Canal Road one evening that something was scaring his cows. The officer responded and drove along the canal with his light shining from his patrol car shining it into the canal. About 1/4 mile down the road he saw something that he could not explain. I know he didn't talk about what he saw with too many people. My dad was friends with him and he shared the experience with my dad after he had retired. "All I know is it wasn't human; I saw what I saw."

I know this road and have driven down it a few times. I will go back and make another photograph of the area described in the e-mail.


  1. very walker evans-like to split the image in two using the light pole! nice image!!!

  2. Wow, now that is a compliment. Walker Evans is one of my faves. Clearly he has rubbed off on me a bit. Thanks!

  3. I was just a little girl when this happened. But I remember all of the "Grown ups" Being really excited and shaken by the event. I remember they were saying that they were following the tracks and taking molds of footprints. I wonder who would still have them?

  4. Ggirl,

    I would think that most of those 'grown ups' might still live there. If you can give me a general part of town that you lived in, I'm not against putting out some flyers in mailboxes and trying to find any other information there.

    My e-mail is:

    sladephoto (at) yahoo com

    Thank you so much for commenting. This makes the events there quite a bit more interesting to me.

  5. I'm a resident of tremonton Utah. And grew up hearing about this incident and know of some of the people who had the experiences, one is fromthe former mayor of Garland.

  6. Hey Anonymous, thanks for the tip. I can probably figure out who the mayor was, but just in case you want to, give me an e-mail at sladephoto@yahoo.com. Thank you for checking in!

    1. I am the daughter if Mark Spence who saw big foot. He was seen by my dad and my niece. My email is deesagez53@yahoo.com if u have any questions.

  7. I am the daughter of the police officer who saw big foot. Him and my 12 year old niece saw him running across the RR tracks on west factory. It was very real, and scared them both a lot. Alot of others in the Garland area saw him around the same time. Cows quite milking and others saw him on the back roads and around the area DeAnn... my email is deesagez53@yahoo.com