Tuesday, March 16, 2010

North Ogden

Cold Springs Trout Farm, North Ogden, Utah, 2010

I had been dying to visit the Cold Springs Trout Farm for about a year. I had heard there were a lot of different reports from this area, so I had to visit and find out what's happened there.

I met the former owner, a spry 71 year-old, and we struck up a conversation. He quickly opened up and offered all kinds of anecdotes, one of which I will share here.

Around 1980 there were many experiences in North Ogden. This man who owned the fish farm told a story about how he came out to feed the fish one morning and saw quite a sight.

All over the grass next to the pond he found dozens of dead trout, some had their heads bitten off, but most were just laying there intact - just dead. He walked around to find out who had been stealing his fish and found several large 14-inch long tracks in the soft grass and mud. He said you could see two footprints right next to each other as if the creature had stood next to the pond and looked in at the fish.

When I was visiting there and stood next to the pond, all of the fish immediately came up next to the shore and I was told that they do this because they are used to being fed. The temptation was apparently too great for Bigfoot because I was told, "you could see where he jumped down into the pond and walked around and had disturbed the moss on the bottom".

Apparently he started scooping up fish and just tossing them on the lawn. I thought that the idea was pretty far-fetched myself, but when I saw how dense the fish were in the pond - literally hundreds, maybe a thousand or more - it was easy to see how it would have been possible. Especially if you consider that a creature named 'Bigfoot' could probably also aptly be named 'Bighand'.

Fish & Game was called and they cast a 14-inch track that he likes to show off to this day.

This is only one of the several personal stories that he has which are part of a larger series of occurrences that have happened to nearly everyone who has lived in that neighborhood through the years.

I plan to return and interview him again, next time with a recorder, and try to get more details of the other stories from the area. I would also like to make several more images within this very small, literally 1-2 square mile area.

I had heard that Coldwater Canyon was a hot-spot for Utah Bigfoot activity, but little had I been prepared for the fascinating stories that were told to me this past week.


  1. I live right above the fish farm and have heard this story many times. Some nights you can hear dogs barking for miles then in one second they would all go quiet. You should take a hike up Cold Water Canyon, it's a beautiful and quiet hike, almost too quiet. It's quite creepy actually and it feels as if you are being watched the whole time.

  2. I went to the farm in April of this year. It was amazing seeing all those trout. Just the sight of your shadow makes these fishes goes into a frenzy . I was the first one to catch the first fish and the biggest fish. I would love to go there again, it was fantastic! and to think I've never been fishing before!

    I also like hiking. And the fact that it creepy, it even better!!!!;)

  3. I lived just above the trout farm at the time this happened in the early 80's... I remember this event very well along with several other sightings and events. For a period of about 3 weeks there were sightings and reports of the bigfoot every single night in the community.. We even had our own experience on night when my brothers and I were sleeping outside in a tent and the bigfoot laid down on the tent across my shoulder and leg to hide from a light on the side of our house which was turned on from the inside... I have been following bigfoot stories my entire life ever since...