Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Cemetery Point, Huntsville, Utah, 2009

I shot this image on Memorial Day of 2009. The Cemetery was filled with people honoring their ancestors. Something interesting was seen here, which was what brought me here to photograph. I photographed this on 8x20 paper negative. Here is the report.

Written Account:

June 13, 2005

At 1:30a.m. an animal was spotted about 30 feet from us which was short and hairy with fur all over it's body. When we first saw it, it was walking upright however it appeared to be hunchbacked. When it noticed us it froze and stared at us before dropping to all fours and scampering off. We saw the animal for about 90 seconds before it disappeared. It's movements were very similar to a fleeing deer. We noticed that when it looked at us it made a sound like it was gagging. The creature we saw also smelled exactly like bleach.


  1. No sign of Big foot in the photo - are we missing something?

  2. Hi Valley,

    This project isn't about photographing Bigfoot. This project is about photographing where individuals have had unique experiences that might be attributable to Bigfoot. You should go back and read the first post of my blog to get a better sense of what I'm trying to accomplish.

    Photographing a Bigfoot with an 8x20 view camera would be quite a feat indeed.