Monday, March 15, 2010


Golf Course, Bountiful, Utah, 2010

Written Account:


These sightings that I had probably are the oldest of local reports known. Bigfoot was not known at that time. My two friends and I were hiking in the North Salt Lake mountains, the area is now a golf course. It was below us as we were descending a steep hill. We saw a black creature about 500 yards away. It was running very quickly, approximately 40 mph, and was jumping over 3 ft. sage brush like it was a weed. We saw it between four and eight seconds long. It hid in some small trees at base of hill. The length of the stride was about 4 feet and the tracks measured 14 inches long. It's tracks led into a stream. It scared us so badly that we almost wet our pants. We could smell a very bad stench even though it was running and was quite far away.

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