Tuesday, March 16, 2010

North Logan

Canal, North Logan, Utah, 2010
There are several different accounts of sightings along a canal in North Logan. I have read and re-read the different versions trying to reconcile them and see if they could possibly be the same account told different times and in different places. What makes matters more confusing is that there are reports of two separate sightings over thirty years apart. I will present them both and let the reader decide for themselves. The first account reads like a newspaper article, the second account reads in first-person. I did not write or record the second account.

Written Accounts:

January, 2003

A mother and her son have seen a tall, hairy Bigfoot walk along the canal behind their house have asked not to be identified for fear of public ridicule.

The mother first saw a juvenile Bigfoot when she was 15-years-old in 1968 in almost the same place that her 16-year- old son would later see another larger, hairy creature on January 2, 2003.

He came out of his uncle's home to feed cattle at a cowshed. He heard a strange noise and when he turned around, there it stood: a four-foot-tall monster, covered with plush, dark black hair all over, it looked menacingly at the youth.

"There is no mistake about what I saw. The monster had the face of a man with monkey-like features. It was four feet tall, but extremely sturdy."


Okay here goes folks, Sighting occurred at 11:30 pm, on the night of Jan.2, 2003 in north east Logan in a rural area with homes, streets, & other structures, on a canal bank that runs thru that area.

I will not mention names at this point as I did not request permission to do so. The witnesses are two youths age 16 & 17. By reenacting the short lived event on location,

Sighting occurred at 11:30 pm, on the night of Jan. 2, 2003 in north east Logan in a rural area with homes, streets and other structures on a canal bank that runs through that area.

The estimated distance from porch to canal bank where the 7ft. to 8ft. unknown was walking in a northern direction, was approx 20 to 25 yards, observation time with no obstructions approx 5 seconds at best. Large swinging arms were noted, no neck appearance, very massive body, no scent detected, however it was heard breathing, was laboring hard breathing, with a growl-snort with each breath.

Fear overcame witnesses and they shot inside house. Tracks were found some 80 to 100 yards away in an orchard, leading to a carrot patch. I witnessed the 8 or so tracks, very distorted in mud, with 4 inches of snow on them. Because of time factor they were not fresh & revealing certain qualities to look for such as toe marks , dermal pattern ETC.

Ironically in the same virtual spot , the mother of one of the witnesses saw a Bigfoot on that canal 33 years ago with her sister.

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