Thursday, March 18, 2010

I-15, Near Scipio

Trucker Nearly Hits Creature In Fog, I-15 Near Scipio, Utah, 2010

Written Account:

January 2008

I am writing this for my son David. He called me this morning about 1:30 AM. He was excited and upset and told me and his dad that he finally believes us about Bigfoot. He was on the I-15 going south when He came to some fog he told me he put his fog lights on so he could see better with out his main lights being on. He stated that he saw some eyes glowing so he turned on his head lights and he saw a Bigfoot running in front of his semi truck. He swerved to keep from hitting it. After he got the truck under control he pulled off to the side was he was spooked out.

He said I know for a fact that they exist now. He has always been skeptic about them. He said it was like looking into a gorillas face. They had eye to eye contact. Only it walked upright like a man but was hairy all over. His leg was the size of his body he told me. so he asked me to write this for him. He is a true believer now.


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  1. I hate to say it, but I wish he had hit it. I know it makes me sound cruel to wish harm on what is in all likelihood an endangered or borderline extinct species, but at least there would finally be significant vindication for all of the jeering from the skeptics. One of the biggest problems in the sasquatch issue is the lack of substantial physical evidence (beyond footprints and hair tufts). He could have been a veritable LEGEND, had he finally been the one to bring in an entire body/carcass of the animal.