Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Circleville Canyon

Creature Seen In Headlights, Circleville Canyon, Utah, 2010

Written Account:

November, 1997

I was driving home from college for a weekend visit with my family. It was dark, around 7 or 8 pm. The weather was overcast and I was trying to get home before the storm hit. There was no moon and no stars. I hadn't seen any other cars on the road for quite a while.

I was about halfway through Circleville Canyon when just at the edge of my headlights I saw something big on the edge of the road. I started to slow down, didn't want to hit it should it run in front of me. As I got closer it stood up and I thought for a second that it was a person. Then it started running.

It ran very quickly across the road. I could tell that it was hairy, it looked very brown in the headlights. It was huge and hairy with long arms, but it didn't look in my direction. I never saw it's face. It ran across the road approx seventy feet in front of my car. My heart was pounding. It ran sort of bent over, but very quickly. But not human like, as it didn't bounce. It disappeared into the dark on the other side of the highway I was far to scared to stop and see if there were any tracks or anything.

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