Saturday, March 24, 2012

Powder Mountain Road

Creature Seen by Spotlight, Powder Mountain Road, Utah, 2011

Doug Wilson - Powder Mountain Road - 1967

The experience I had we never did really decide what we saw. There were three of us in a pickup going up Powder Mountain Road one night. We were getting excited about the deer hunt. We had a spotlight up on the mountain and we were just looking for deer and seeing what we could see.

Part way up the mountain, about 125 yards up the hill from the road, what we could see, what caught our attention was some eyes glowing up on the hillside. We stopped the truck and had the spotlight up there.

It looked like a person sitting on the side of the hill with their arms over their knees just staring down at us. There was no light colored clothing or anything, it was all dark. We could just see those eyes looking at us.

We just kind of got out of there. We still never talk about that very much to this day. It's just a little experience that you see something that you don't know what to think about it. A little bit out of the ordinary.

Source: Dave's Bigfoot Show - 2010

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