Monday, March 26, 2012

Monte Cristo Summit

Monte Cristo At Cache and Weber County Lines, Utah, 2011

This encounter happened in August of 1980 on the road over Monte Cristo coming back from Bear Lake at 1-2:00 am in the morning.
I was driving ahead of my husband who was pulling our boat from spending the day at Bear Lake, Utah. It was really late at night and the car headlights cast shadows from the aspen trees on the side of  the road. As I was driving I would get a little ahead of my husband and so I would pull over and wait then start going again.
As I was driving near the summit, out of the corner of my eye there was a shadow that didn't fit the rest of the shadows that I could see. I turned and looked and the dark figure backed into the forest and disappeared. I knew exactly what it was and as I think about it now it is as clear as if it happened yesterday.

The experience hasn't been dimmed by time at all. I can't say how big it was but it was much bigger than a man and much bulkier. We drove on home without incident. I know what I saw and I'll stand by it.

Source: Witness interviewed by Dave Carver

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