Friday, March 23, 2012

Parley's Canyon

Mouth of Parley's Canyon, Utah, 2012

Creature seen on hill at mouth of Parley's Canyon, 1992

My ex-husband and I were driving eastbound on I-80 and getting ready to get onto the ramp to head south on I-215 heading south when he saw something up on the side of the hill. He watched it and pointed it out to me as we rounded the turn and we saw a spot where we could pull over to watch it some more. You can look back and see right off on one of those mountain sides that goes through Parley's. It was up on the side of the're a long ways away.

We pulled over and there were other people, about three cars had already stopped. We were all looking up there trying to figure out what it was. It looked like something big. Usually people don't walk up here, there's no houses or anything.

It was winter because we thought it looked like it had a snow-suit on. It was really cold, we didn't want to be outside looking at this thing. Back then there was a ton of snow. That's another thing why it was weird. Why would anyone be on that steep of a hill in the winter?

We watched it for probably 10 minutes, it was just walking back and forth and every once in a while it would sit down on this big rock. I was with my former husband and he had pointed out it was so odd looking like, “How was that person so big”. It was right then I wished that I had some binoculars.

It never went away and we left before it did. We were so far away, it could have been in a full sized snow suit, you couldn't really tell what color it was, but it would have had to have been a dark color, we could see it easily against the white of the snow. It was walking on such a steep hill. It wan't easy to do, but it didn't look like it was struggling.

I wasn't scared or anything, I but I really wished I had more clarity or a better camera to see it better. At that time that's what we thought it was and I was asking myself something like, “Is that bigfoot”? At that time we definitely knew about bigfoot. Even when we were sitting there watching it you had to wonder if it was bigfoot.

The thing that makes me think that I wasn't crazy is that there were other people around watching it too. I think that the person we were closest too was like “what was that” Everybody was just wondering.

I believe the stories of others that I hear. It's annoying to watch those shows with bigfoot in them, but my family loves them so we watch them all the time. A lot of people have bigfoot stories. What is it that everybody is seeing? I don't know what it is. I wish I knew.

Source: personal interview with witness

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