Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ogden Divide

East Side of Ogden Divide, Utah, 2011

The Ogden Divide is an area that continues to provide experiences that witnesses occasionally will come forward and share.  This is a story from the east side looking downhill into North Ogden.

The witness in this experience claimed she saw a white bigfoot that crossed the road and shoulder in five steps and went down a steep embankment like it wasn't even there. Five human steps will only put you to the shoulder of the road, and won't even get you anywhere near the slope. I am impressed at the size and speed of these creatures.


  1. FYI. Posted photo taken approximately at 41.318070 deg N, 111.908495 deg W. Google Earth shows a ground level view at this spot.

  2. I never saw it, but something was following my friend and I as we started an early morning hunt in north fork. A loud shriek followed by something very large breaking through the trees. Scariest time of my life.

  3. There's a book called Haunted Ogden (on Amazon) that tells about all kinds of creepy things happening near the North Ogden Divide. Seems like one even mentions shrieking from something unseen like Anonymous mentioned above, though I don't remember specifics.