Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ophir Canyon

Ophir, Utah, 2012

There is one story from Ophir, Utah that I can find.  The details are pretty sketchy and leave many holes in the story.  I have a contact with the Mayor of Ophir and will be following-up with him in the future.  For now, here is the report.

Large Man Like Creature
Reported: 09/16/2003 19:26:55
Date of sighting: 09/13/03
Location: Ophir City/canyon, Tooele County. Utah
Time of day incident occurred: Dusk
Area Description (vegetation and habitat): Mountains
Are there caves or abandoned shelters in the area?: YES
Nearest bodies of water: River down canyon
Describe interaction: Was asked by officials if we had seen anything roaming in the canyon. Reports had said they had seen Bigfoot.
Description of animal: Large Man like creature spotted roaming the Ophir city limits, and canyon area. Reported to local law officials.

Source: Utah UFO Hunters

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  1. Hey Michael. Just wanted to comment on the Ophir Canyon report. This is Brian W. from Utah UFO Hunters. Our research in this area has stalled to an extent. If you get any further information on this from the mayor I would love to hear what he has to say about this. We have been in the area several times and have even had a sighting in the Mercur area not far from Ophir, from one of our investigators, as well as some three toed prints having been seen in the area. I have to admit that Ophir was nowhere near being on our Squatch radars until this report. The area especially Mercur is a huge ghost hunting area and being near Dugway, has been an active UFO/Skywatch area. This Bigfoot report adds to the intrigue and mystery of the whole area. Very active for all things paranormal. Very weird vibe there.